Many are aware of the aloe Vera uses as there contains many therapeutic properties of aloe Vera that increasingly extend worldwide. Aloe Vera gel or aloe Vera as it is popularly known is the clear substance that is housed within the blade and this has become the raw material of thousands of cosmetics which seek to enhance the healing properties of aloe. Today we will know in which cases may be used and what are the aloe Vera benefits to the body.

aloe vera uses

Benefits of aloe Vera

It is said of the aloe Vera as it is one of the best gifts of nature to man. This semi tropical-plant of African origin and is well known throughout the world and some have already witnessed their profits by testing the following cases:


Aloe Vera products help reduce cholesterol and improve circulation in the lower extremities of the body. In addition, research on aloe have concluded that doubles as antidiabetic as the impact of aloe Vera on triglyceride levels and blood glucose were reduced in some cases of type II diabetes. However, other studies contradict it, so we should expect in this sense more conclusive research.

Skin Care

As known, aloe Vera is an excellent skin tonic. According to the American Botanical Council over 300 species of aloe plants grow worldwide. So this plant is used skillfully by alternative medicine and cosmetic industry.

Digestive apparatus

Among other properties, aloe improves digestion and promotes the absorption of nutrients. He is recognized as beneficial in clearing harmful bacteria in the digestive tract and as a rebuilder of intestinal flora. According to scientific research concluded that it was effective to attack the bacteria that cause stomach ulcers and others such as salmonella.


The aloe Vera contains medicinal properties that make it to be worthy of the title antiviral, this is how it benefits people attacked by influenza virus or herpes zoster. Surely you ever have pure aloe Vera gel or aloe Vera syrup that this fortified bases on this plant.


In addition, it works as an anti-inflammatory that reduces oxidation of arachidonic acid and thus inflammation. When applied topically is also estimated to run as a reliever. Thanks to these properties is well recognized among athletes to alleviate injuries and it also improves to deliver vitality and strength, much needed at the time of competition.

Still need further studies to see whether this plant has optimum results in the prevention of cancer and other major diseases. All these are the aloe Vera uses and aloe Vera benefits that can benefit your body. We must learn more about the plants and the healing properties of aloe Vera.