Whether vegetarian, ayurvedic diet or macrobiotics – alternative to healthy diet aimed unity of body and mind.

Alternative Nutrition - Yin and Yang harmonizeWhat the farmer does not know that he does not eat, says an old proverb. But another set contains a truth: the townspeople would know what he eats, he would immediately become a farmer. Since the ’60s, the nutritional habits in industrialized countries have worsened dramatically: too much, too rich food, too many calories and lack of essential vitamins and fiber.


There is also a general lack of exercise. The consequence of this: About 65 percent of men and 55 percent of women suffer from obesity. Associated an increased risk goes against cardiovascular disease and some cancers, and also a reduction in quality of life of those affected. All this has led many people to healthier, alternative diets think. The current trend is called “organic” and focuses on products from organic farming, instead of chemicals and artificial additives.

Alternative Nutrition

The variety of alternative diets is hardly to overlook. The term alternative, however, no known nutritional diets or time-limited illness, short-term changes in eating habits, but is aimed at a permanent, life-determining change. The best known forms of alternative nutrition, among other things, the native of India, Ayurvedic nutrition, vegetarianism or macrobiotics also. All these approaches have one thing in common: They provide concrete recommendations on what foods may be eaten and those to be avoided. This set out a diet relatively fixed frame. Here some foods a health-damaging effect and others will be considered to have a healing, harmonizing effect – even when there is no scientific evidence for many. But this does the diets once no harm. They all are based in fact a philosophy and aim first of all from a healthy unity of body and mind.

Alternative Nutrition: Forms

Vegetarianism is the first ever known Western type of diet and is based on the philosophy of “Thou shalt not kill.” Already Pythagoras lived as a vegetarian, because he believed that as long as man-killing animals, it kills people too. Also, the native of India, “knowledge of life”, such as Ayurveda is called, is more a life philosophy that considers the whole person and wants to bring him into harmony with himself and his environment. Every human is attributed to an ayurvedic type for which there is a typical diet. In harmony, the Buddhist doctrine of the macrobiotic diet is aligned. The two forces of the universe – Yin and Yang – this must be balanced by nutrition in unison. Anthroposophy does the diet as a tool to be reached through which specific health and development conditions.