You know the traditional ways and not-so-fun-of slimming: you have to eat healthy and exercise. Those are the main formulas. However, there are many ideas to lose weight that can help us to lose those extra kilos in ways you might not imagine.


Professionals from different universities of the world have proven the effectiveness of some weight loss foods and dietary habits, you probably never would have thought to include in a light menu. These are some tricks for weight loss that will surprise you.

Eating chocolate

Yes! You read right! It is good to include a bit of chocolate, especially dark chocolate, which is rich in antioxidants in diet. According to researchers at the University of California at San Diego, people who consume some chocolate often tend to be thinner than those who never consumed. Of course, should be in moderation: eat three chocolate bars a day will not help you lose weight, obviously.

Drink a glass of wine

Drink a glass of wine a day helps cardiovascular health and also lose weight! According to one study, 30% of women who have this habit are less likely to gain weight. The explanation, people who drink wine moderately tend to eat less.

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Eating homemade popcorn

Another food that can help you lose weight is the delicious popcorn. From the University of Scranton say these snacks may have antioxidant properties as many fruits and vegetables. Of course, avoid sweet or salty popcorn-selling in the theaters, and those that are prepared in microwave. It is only if they are homemade and served with vegetable oil.

Smelling food

Both smell the food, eat slowly and enjoy every bite, are all tricks that help you lose weight, because they make you eat smaller bites and therefore less food because it gives the body time to realize it is full.

Take a break from the gym

If you thought that to avoid weight gain was necessary to go to the gym every day, pay attention to this surprising tip: do exercise every day can backfire and leave you completely devastated, plus you get bored fast. Therefore, experts recommend exercising three times a week and the other days rest.

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Bottle of water by hand at the gym

That drinking plenty of water is essential for health and helps you lose weight it not new. However, there is one detail that surely did not know: a study of Stanford University says that maintain full water bottle and cold in the gym encourages us to exercise ourselves more. So when you’re sweating, cool off with water and see how you keep training.