anti-aging, Recipe for longevity Anti-aging Food is not from powders and pills and it need not be expensive.

Beauty and eternal youth are ideals to which people hunt since the beginning of time afterwards. Always benefit from the phenomenon more providers of special foods and dietary supplements. But the effectiveness of these often very expensive products is still not scientifically proven. Anti-aging food is however not from powders and pills, and it need not be expensive.

The human aging process

The aging process of the human organism is caused by free radicals that destroy the cell structures. These radicals trigger oxidation and cause cell damage that is visible as skin aging. Notwithstanding any other therapeutic promise of this process is not reversible. Free radicals are normally as metabolic products, but are reinforced by numerous environmental factors, such as air pollution or smoking. A slowing of these processes is possible because the so-called antioxidants, such as hormones, vitamins and minerals can stop the aging process.

Anti-aging in the wild

Selenium, sulfur and zinc, for example, can trap the radicals and make them harmless. The same applies to the vitamins C and E, and beta-carotene, which provide a more youthful appearance and occur not only in carrots, apricots and tomatoes. However, these substances exert their full effect only if they are supplied to the body as possible, unprocessed vegetables, fruits, and as fresh food. In the preparation of the valuable anti-aging food should therefore be taken to ensure that high heat and long cooking destroy the antioxidants.

250 grams of fruit and vegetables daily

As a means to prevent premature skin aging, nutrition experts, at least 250 grams of fruit and vegetables a day, which is roughly the amount that fits into two hands. Necessary for the functioning of the metabolism proteins are present in legumes, lean meats and fish. Vegetable oils have the valuable omega-3 fatty acids, which tax the cholesterol level in contrast to non-animal fats.

Old skin by dehydration

Leathery and wrinkled skin as the first signs of aging can be the result of dehydration. The inclusion of two to three liters of water or tea in the same daily fluid balance. A rich late dinner prevents the production of endogenous antioxidants, such as the hormones melatonin and hGH, which provide a natural antioxidant. But not only the skin, but also the bones should be prepared against premature aging. Calcium and vitamin D can help to prevent bone loss and minimize fracture. These compounds are particularly found in milk products and also ensure more for dental health.

Recipe for longevity

A balanced diet with anti-aging food, the moderate consumption of alcohol, or nicotine and sufficient physical activity, as well as an active full life are still the best guarantee of longevity. Adequate sleep and minimize negative stress help to stop the aging process.