Many arguments in favor of hormone therapy during menopauseHormone therapy is the most effective form of drug treatment menopause-related complaints. It is recommended primarily when the symptoms are so severe that the quality of life of women is considerably limited. Because controversy is that the hormone therapy for hot flashes and night sweats is extremely effective, and may also help protect against osteoporosis. For hot flashes, which occur in a short period of menopause, hormones are an effective remedy for the complaints. Here, however, taken only over a short period of estrogen and / or progesterone, so that the long-term risks may be neglected. By hormone replacement therapy skills such as memory performance and memory will probably improve, too. In addition, the hormone also has a preventive effect when it is used long term.

Pro Hormone

It is known that estrogens have protective effects on osteoporosis. During therapy increases bone density and bone fractures are much less frequently. The timely delivery of small amounts of estrogen in postmenopausal women can significantly reduce bone fragility. Once degraded bone mass may be composed of only limited again.

Especially at the beginning of menopause, the hormonal changes, greater impact on the health of the woman as in the following years. Because female hormones affect the blood vessels and protect against heart disease, is occurring now in the early stages of menopause a cause for therapy with the added hormones. The earlier hormonal treatment is started, the greater the protection against osteoporosis and possibly also against cardiovascular diseases. How long treatment should be performed depends on the symptoms and the constitution of the woman.

Hormones have a preventive effect

There is no one hormone therapy. The term hormone therapy a wide range of hormonal products and routes of administration is to be understood. These differ in their potential risks and their benefits. Depending on the severity of symptoms in menopausal hormone therapy is extremely useful. In case of early menopause or removal of the ovaries of hormones are actually very important. Thus, a woman, the 40th before the or 45 reached the age of menopause, has a significantly greater risk of developing osteoporosis and cardiovascular problems. This can prevent the hormone therapy, at least until the normal menopausal age. Also for the treatment of an existing or begun osteoporosis, hormone therapy has proven successful.