How to prevent stretch marks

Most women over a lifetime go through situations that can cause stretch marks, such as pregnancy, dramatic weight changes, among other things. However, it is possible to get rid of them and, because of this, which then will give you some tips to prevent stretch marks.


Stretch marks go through different stages. At first, linear lesions appear as shades of pink-purple, slightly over-high and swollen. Over time, become pearl colored or white, becoming slightly deepen the appearance of wrinkles. The origin and development of stretch marks is related to changes in the skin structures that provide capacity for tension and elasticity.

Be prevented, but for this it is necessary to follow certain behaviors. Good hydration is essential to help maintain the skin elastic structure; it is advisable drink two liters of water a day, minimum.

Carry an adequate and balanced daily diet is also crucial: we must incorporate foods with vitamins C, B, E and minerals like zinc and copper (whole grain cereals, cocoa, liver, kidney, legumes, nuts, etc…) And silicon (chickpeas, pumpkin, yeast, wheat bread, etc.) that stimulate collagen production. Continue reading “How to prevent stretch marks”

Facing the premenstrual syndrome


Some women suffer greatly with premenstrual syndrome, making it non-performing as they should, being irritable, hypersensitivity, lethargy, difficulty concentrating, breast tenderness, bloating, headache and backache or food cravings, we do not make life very easy.

Here are some tips for home remedy for coping self-help best. Among the main ones are:

  • Eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, low in salt, sugar, caffeine and alcohol.
  • Your doctor or pharmacist can prescribe you some vitamin supplements help. So if they suffer symptoms very pronounced, you should go to the doctor to get appropriate treatment recommendations.
  • The regular exercise in the days leading up to the period soothes symptoms and increases welfare.
  • The tension and irritability are common symptoms may be relieved with relaxation methods like yoga, meditation or breathing exercises. Do not dismiss leisure activities such as reading, walking or playing music.
  • Avoid stressful situations and tries to take things as calmly as possible.