Allergy in the hands

There are many types of allergies that affect the body in different ways. One is the allergy on your hands, which is better known as eczema of the hands, this condition generally occurs in people who perform manual work involving contact with chemicals.

allergy in the hands

The hands allergy can occur in varying degrees. May be affecting the palms and backs of hands, there are cases where the allergy occurs across the surface of the hand. The causes are usually varied, among which you can find the genetic factors and exposure to irritants.

Milk allergy

milk allergy The milk allergy is a condition that some children are born. Despite having symptoms similar to lactose intolerance are two different entities, because milk allergy is less common. This condition is characterized by an abnormal response of the immune system to some of the proteins contained in cow’s milk; with the casein protein generates most of these reactions.

The difference between allergy and intolerance is that the allergy is caused by undue reaction to the protein of milk, and intolerance is the inability to properly digest the lactose present in milk. This type of allergy the may have people of every race and age, most are born with this condition. However, it can also be developed during the growth, and in some cases, may occur during adulthood.

Different tapeworm species – Humans as host of the tapeworm

Different tapeworm species - Humans as host of the tapewormAnyone who has a tapeworm caught does not have to immediately panic. The incidence of some types of tapeworm may have dire consequences.
The tapeworm exists in about 3,500 different species. Tapeworms use human and animal as a final or intermediate host. The intestinal infection caused by a tapeworm causes most cases of mild symptoms such as weight loss, anorexia and diarrhea. But the parasitic flatworm can cysticercosis (cyst formation) and toxoplasmosis cause. During the cyst formation the brain can be affected and it may neurological problems such as confusion or seizures occur. Toxoplasmosis in the adult seems harmless, an unborn child can carry immense damage it.

Naturopathy – treatment of allergies and asthma

Naturopathy - treatment of allergies and asthmaAllergic asthma can be treated in numerous ways. Both the phytoplankton and the self-blood therapy are appropriate.

Allergic asthma and Co.

To the allergic diseases is next to the hay fever (allergic rhinitis) and atopic dermatitis, urticaria and allergic shock as an emergency situation. Allergic asthma is in the group. Often the patients suffer from painful comorbidities such as chronic pharyngitis, sinusitis and chronic bronchitis.

Driven by the pathogen of the dog tapeworm

Driven by the pathogen of the dog tapewormThe dog tapeworm is the most dangerous and at worst can even lead to death if there is no quick treatment.

A tapeworm is a parasite of mammals as host uses are not self-fed to them by the intestine. The dog tapeworm is one of the most dangerous tapeworms. It is a small parasite that grows in the small intestine of dogs, sheep, horses and humans in order to carry out its development from fertilized egg to larva. The man acts in this case as an intermediate host.

Epidermis: The outer barrier of the organism

epdermis: The outer barrier of the organismThe top layer of skin is the epidermis. Here hair, skin glands and the nails began.

The epidermis is the outermost layer of the body. The feet and hands she is to thick to one to two millimeters, and forms a distinct stratum corneum, while in other places – measured according to body-about 0.5 to 1.0 millimeters. The epidermis consists mainly of water and is divided into clearly separable layers. This stratification is a very orderly process of differentiation of epithelial cells (keratinocytes) state. The layers of the epidermis are very dynamic, the new cells is based on stem cells and development and maturation of the cells are subject to many external and internal influences. For example, aware that the proliferation index in skin acht und zehn morning around the clock on the biggest and the evening between 20 und 22 clock is the lowest.

Dermatophyte and fungal diseases of the skin

fungal diseasesThe dermatophytes are a special group of fungi that have a growth in the skin, hair and nails in customized and specialized. Their special features with enzymes such as keratinases, elastases and collagenases it able to dissolve the proteins and structures in the human skin to settle and thus cause infection. The infections usually remain localized, so the typical diseases are named after the infected body. An infection by dermatophytes is known medically as “Tinea”. After the body regions such as Tinea pedis (foot), Tinea manuum (hand), tinea capitis (head), tinea corporis (upper body), tinea barbae (beard) and tinea faciei (face) distinction. The best known form is probably the athlete’s foot. A large European study (Achilles Project) to follow around a quarter of German suffering at least temporarily, from athlete’s foot. One in seven has an infection of the nails (tinea unguium or onychomycosis) on.

Cold allergy: crazy skin, Some tips to fight it

 Cold allergy When people feel cold easily and need lots of heat in order to feel good, we call them or write them at all Frier cats jokingly to a cold allergy. Hardly known, however, that there is actually an allergy to cold stimuli. The so-called cold allergy – the medical term for this is cold urticaria – is not a true allergic reaction with an antigen-antibody reaction, but is on physical allergies provoked or to the pseudo allergies counted.

In cold urticaria resolves the contact with cold objects or cold water or wind, the release of histamine , and at the place where the cold acting on the skin. Within minutes, it leads to redness, swelling and intense itching – a feeling that they had taken in nettles, hence the name “hives” (urticaria =) originates. At the beginning of the itchy skin reaction are redness and swelling of the skin is still relatively small and limited, but can spread significantly.

Prevent sore throat – always nice to dress warmly

human-throat-systemWho wants to prevent a sore throat, should just dress warmly in winter
Some people are more vulnerable because of their living situation for a throat infection, to include children, pregnant women or seniors. Here, contact with existing sufferers is avoided in order to avoid infection. Older people, children and people who generally have a weakened immune system can, in a flu vaccination as a possible protective measure.

CONSIDER. The flu vaccination protects against disease and twelve months is possible in the period from October to November to carry out. After vaccination, it takes 14 days, is guaranteed to put a comprehensive flu.

Prevent sore throat – General Methods
In everyday life, make sure that warm clothes are worn, especially in the cold season. But even in summer, light, for example, made of microfiber, vests are worn such that any hypothermia. As a preventive measure, it is also rich in fruits and vegetables to eat, to meet the vitamin needs of the body and strengthen the immune system.