Nutritional advice during Pregnancy

"foods during pregnancy"
Pregnancy is the period between egg fertilization until birth, which lasts about 9 months. From that moment begins a new life, and changes in the mother’s body are very important.

Both ovulation and menstruation are inhibited. The uterus, to accommodate the fetus, also progressively increases in size, being 50 gr., Normal state, can weigh a kilo in the last months of pregnancy.

The breasts increase in size, appear vomiting, and nausea, increased urination as well as the desire for sleep.

Given these and other changes experienced by women during pregnancy, should be answered through an adequate nutrient intake. This does not mean eating for two, and in an exaggerated manner, but must be nurtured to ensure both the nutrition of the baby as his own.

The fundamental change is the formation of new tissues of both women, placenta and fetus. Moreover, given the weight gain is experienced, it should also increase caloric intake, to maintain all vital functions.

This requires a diet or a balanced diet, varied and correct. The role of food will ensure both the health of the baby and mother. Therefore, feeding during these 9 months should not be subject to fads or topics almost always misunderstandings that can lead to considerable danger for both.

Tips to consider:

1. It is always best to choose fresh foods, avoid canned, cooked, frozen or ready to eat.
2. With regard to ways of cooking, the best are grilled, steamed, boiled or baked.
3. Do not take fried, chipped, sautéed and breaded daily, consuming only very occasionally.
4. Avoid high fat meats, sausages and meats.

Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats


The human body is made of proteins and cell components that prevent them from disintegrating and allowing them to perform their duties consist primarily of protein. For a simple explanation, one could say that each type of protein is formed by a specific set of “partition” these are called amino acids. The human body needs about 22 amino acids to form all the proteins that make up in their cells produced 14 types of amino acids, but the others, called essential amino acids must be obtained from food. Much of the chemical activity of the organization is to destroy the series of walls in food and rearrange to form other series, i.e., other proteins.


Carbohydrates are the nutrients most underrated, but provide energy to the body, help regulate the breakdown of protein and protect it from toxins.

Glucose, for example, is the main fuel of the human body, whose cells can also use other fuels, including fat, glucose is a carbohydrate called monosaccharides, ie sweet-tasting substances, consisting of a single molecule.


Cholesterol is a waxy substance complex is part of cell membranes. The body also uses it to produce vitamin D, hormones, bile acid and to form neural tissue. It is carried in the bloodstream by lipoproteins, ie, proteins that contain lipids or fats. According to some studies, to increase the amount of blood cholesterol, the greater the risk of heart disease.

Cholesterol is found in foods, but only 15 percent of all cholesterol in the blood comes from food, which means that if you minimize the intake of cholesterol, however the effect this will have on blood will be almost negligible since it mostly occurs as the body itself in the liver. On the other hand, it is considered that excessive intake of saturated fats stimulates the production of cholesterol in the liver.


1. Do not worry much about the amount of calories you consume by eating. Balance your diet and make sure you eat varied.
2. Eat foods rich in protein and low in carbohydrates and a little vegetable fat. The protein can increase metabolic process up to 30% and help balance the release of insulin for better secretion of the hormone glucagon in the pancreas. Induced glucagon mobilizes fat tissue where it is stored and thus helps you lose weight. Therefore, a balanced diet keeps blood sugar levels normal and the ability to burn stored fat.
3. Eat foods with complex carbohydrates that also contain proteins such as tofu, lentils, baked potato with no dressing, sesame seeds, beans, rice diet, whole grains, chicken and turkey without skin, white fish (non- shrimp, lobster, oysters, etc.) Chicken, turkey and fish must be prepared on the grill or oven, you cannot eat fried.
4. Eat fresh fruits and raw vegetables in abundance, make a daily meal based only on fruits and vegetables, eat low-calorie vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, carrots, celery, cucumbers, green beans, lettuce, onions, radishes, spinach , turnips, etc. Among the fruits low in calories and carbohydrates are: apples, cantaloupe, grapefruit, strawberries, and watermelons.
5. The bananas, cherries, corn, figs, grapes, pineapple, sweet foods are high in calories and can be consumed very sparingly.


A person is considered obese when has 20% more weight than a person with the same age, sex and height. Obesity is considered a health problem rather than a simple matter of aesthetics, as it increases the risk of a person to suffer from some diseases. For example, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and stroke are two times more common in obese than in normal weight.
In simple terms, obesity results from an imbalance in the energy exchange. Too much energy is taken food without spending the same amount in the activities. The body takes the excess calories, making them into fat and storing which can lead to a weight problem.
* Diet high in fats and sugars from childhood
* Trend hereditary
* Endocrine-Metabolic Imbalance
* Emotional stress
* Sedentary lifestyle
* Love of Food

* Avoid chewing gum. The calories in chewing gum are few but increase the appetite.
* Stay active, take a brisk walk every day before breakfast or snack to burn calories. Climb the stairs instead of the elevator, walking cycling or swimming.

Making Ice Cream yourself: not fast, but delicious even without ice cream maker

make yourselfYou can make ice cream without professional ice machine and accessories to enjoy in the summer with your own ice cream. This is not impossible and makes the bargain fun. Even if you have no ice machine in the basement, a great summer job with a guarantee of pleasure for the whole family is quite simple. We have picked out some simple and delicious recipes that you can refine itself with a few of your favorite ingredients. Have fun trying and enjoy!

Eating ice cream and do it yourself – both no problem!

Eating ice cream and do it yourself - both no problemEverybody loves ice cream. But you can also do it yourself? Of course, the know-how to read here, what Ice Happen? This is probably a phrase that everyone knows and everyone can agree. Even if you have a buffet at the main course we make some piled too much on the third plate and below, the feeling is like you will explode, so there is always a little air in the stomach when it comes to dessert, where ice menu is available. The cool mixture of milk, fruit or milk products is always worth a few pounds too much on the scale, especially when it is warm outside and sunny, and attract the colorful cafes draped on the roadside with delicious ice cream sundaes. Who can resist? Eating ice cream is not only delicious, somehow it maintains, a lot of fun.

Argan oil – the liquid gold with anti-aging effect

Argan oil - the liquid gold with anti-aging effectThe precious Argan oil comes from Morocco and has unsaturated fatty acids, which cause the formation of new cells and the anti-aging effect.

Argan oil is one of the finest oils in the world. The so-called “liquid gold” is now produced only in southwestern Morocco. Only in this area grows, the argan tree (Latin Argania spinosa), a species that is more than 25 million years old and can reach a size of up to 15 meters. This plant, which is called by locals “tree of life” is threatened with extinction and is therefore under the protection of UNESCO. The fruit of this tree are nuts, the high concentration and composition of particularly valuable and important ingredient is unique. The Berbers appreciate and take advantage of this natural product for centuries.

The latest anti-aging fruit: the açai berry

The açai berry is the miraculous discovery of the Brazilian rain forest and is the latest anti-aging trend.

More and more fruit, berries or other plants find their way out of nature in the anti-aging beauty-conscious Kosmetiktigel and thus in the faces of people. Here the plants and fruits are attributed to keep almost revolutionary capabilities in terms of their effect on aging skin. The Goji berry of the açai berry is thus morning from the Amazon region of Brazil’s rain forest. In Brazil it is already known and used in a mixture with guarana, honey and ice cream and cereal by bodybuilders and surfers as you fit. But the natives know this berry for a long time and they are mixed in their fixed menu, in the form of syrup with fish and cassava.