Magnesium for asthma

magnesium for asthma The magnesium is a mineral that the body needs in large amounts (other macro minerals are calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium). This is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body and is an essential nutrient and is particularly important for the health of the nervous system.

It also regulates the levels of blood sugar and blood pressure, helps build strong bones and is important in energy metabolism. People with certain types of health problems tend to need more magnesium, magnesium deficiency is common in people with gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes and alcohol addictions.

Magnesium has been used to treat asthma since the 1930’s, and several studies have shown that this mineral helps patients with asthma to breathe more easily, and indeed the intravenous magnesium works faster than common therapy improve airflow. While magnesium helps patients to recover faster from the attacks of asthma, doctors are not sure whether dietary magnesium supplementation can prevent future attacks.

Home Remedies for Asthma

home remedies for asthma The Asthma is a chronic disease characterized by cause difficulty breathing due to narrowing of the bronchi. It is quite often occur in people allergic or relating to the symptoms of an allergy.

Flare-ups or attacks of Asthma may occur by various factors including weather conditions, hyperventilation, smoke or dust and can even trigger an attack of Asthma by intense emotional situations.

Some home remedies for Asthma that can be found among natural medicines can help and a lot not only to relieve symptoms of Asthma but also to have controlled the disease and trying to cope with Asthma as naturally as possible.

Home remedies for asthma:

  • With three grams of poppy petals prepare a tea in a quart of boiling water, take two tablespoons every hour.
  • Steam inhalations sage leaves dry and slightly rough.
  • You can apply a poultice of hot mud on his chest for twenty minutes without letting it cool, remove with warm water.

Natural Medicine for Diabetes

natural medicine for diabetes People who suffer from diabetes are well aware that it is a disease that must accompany them for life, but this does not mean you can live with diabetes in the most natural way possible.

The natural medicine for diabetes may be helpful to get used to living with diabetes, as an alternative therapy or we can take some medicinal plants for diabetes as an adjunct to conventional medical treatments.

Home Remedies for Diabetes:

The nettle is a useful plant for diabetics by reducing blood glucose. For this, an infusion prepared with 25 grams of nettle root in a pint of water. Boil a few minutes over low heat and strain.

Among the foods we consume to improve diabetes are the artichokes and sage. The sage wine also acts by lowering blood sugar.

Tea Tree Oil: effective agent in natural medicine

tea treeThe tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) is regarded as a universal healing plant that is growing in popularity. As part of naturopathy, it can be used in many ways. Especially in natural medicine, it is versatile. It is also a popular home remedy for skin complaints such as acne or herpes.

The tea tree is the evergreen shrub or tree native to eastern Australia in wetter areas. It is up to seven meters high and is one of the myrtle plant. Like some other Australian plants has the tea tree on a fascinating property. An extensive root system enables it to survive fires, or even a clearing. From the roots grow in a short time new shoots.

Alternative methods of healing – the power of nature

Alternative methods of healing - the power of natureBack to natural therapy. So enjoy alternative therapies increasingly popular in everywhere.

Natural remedies that can be summarized under the heading of alternative healing methods are enjoying increasing popularity. But against all prejudices, it is not religious freaks who rely on such methods claim, but educated people. But health-conscious and chronically ill people rely on the power of nature.

Naturopathy – treatment of allergies and asthma

Naturopathy - treatment of allergies and asthmaAllergic asthma can be treated in numerous ways. Both the phytoplankton and the self-blood therapy are appropriate.

Allergic asthma and Co.

To the allergic diseases is next to the hay fever (allergic rhinitis) and atopic dermatitis, urticaria and allergic shock as an emergency situation. Allergic asthma is in the group. Often the patients suffer from painful comorbidities such as chronic pharyngitis, sinusitis and chronic bronchitis.

Food for wild garlic lower blood pressure

Food for wild garlic lower blood pressure The herb garlic gives many foods not only that certain something, even against so much suffering, it works!

The home of wild garlic is a damp, shady forest areas and its relationship to garlic can deny it only because its scent is difficult. The plant is becoming more popular and has become indispensable in the kitchen any more. And there are also many reasons for food not only taste garlic fresh and delicious, they’re also extremely healthy.

Argan oil – the liquid gold with anti-aging effect

Argan oil - the liquid gold with anti-aging effectThe precious Argan oil comes from Morocco and has unsaturated fatty acids, which cause the formation of new cells and the anti-aging effect.

Argan oil is one of the finest oils in the world. The so-called “liquid gold” is now produced only in southwestern Morocco. Only in this area grows, the argan tree (Latin Argania spinosa), a species that is more than 25 million years old and can reach a size of up to 15 meters. This plant, which is called by locals “tree of life” is threatened with extinction and is therefore under the protection of UNESCO. The fruit of this tree are nuts, the high concentration and composition of particularly valuable and important ingredient is unique. The Berbers appreciate and take advantage of this natural product for centuries.

The latest anti-aging fruit: the açai berry

The açai berry is the miraculous discovery of the Brazilian rain forest and is the latest anti-aging trend.

More and more fruit, berries or other plants find their way out of nature in the anti-aging beauty-conscious Kosmetiktigel and thus in the faces of people. Here the plants and fruits are attributed to keep almost revolutionary capabilities in terms of their effect on aging skin. The Goji berry of the açai berry is thus morning from the Amazon region of Brazil’s rain forest. In Brazil it is already known and used in a mixture with guarana, honey and ice cream and cereal by bodybuilders and surfers as you fit. But the natives know this berry for a long time and they are mixed in their fixed menu, in the form of syrup with fish and cassava.