Remedy for the sting of insects: bees and mosquitoes

If you are looking for a remedy for the bite of an insect (perhaps stings from bees, wasps, bees, etc.) probably is suffering right now the main symptoms in the area of the bite, swelling, increased temperature in the area, intense itching. These symptoms usually disappear within a few minutes or few hours, and in most cases they will not present any serious bites.

the sting of insects

However, in a very small percentage of cases, after the insect bite, symptoms that alert us to a stronger reaction than expected: there is mental confusion and can even lose consciousness, difficulty breathing occurs, the area of the bite swells too much or you can see any bruising, and now finally the symptom that is experienced more trouble with shortness of breath is a sensation of tightness in the chest and throat. Continue reading “Remedy for the sting of insects: bees and mosquitoes”

Home remedies for pressure ulcers

home remedies for pressure sores The pressure ulcers are those that occur when a person is recovering and should remain on bed rest in bed, if you use a wheelchair or can not reposition itself.

They are clinically called bedsores or pressure, a name that denotes that are caused by the pressure of certain parts of the body on a surface, here are some home remedies for pressure sores.

These ulcers usually appear in areas where there is bone or cartilage, which may occur in the hips, knees (back), heel and shoulder, among others, is a condition that can be reversed if detected early, if not cured becomes a chronic skin lesion.

Home remedies for pressure sores: Continue reading “Home remedies for pressure ulcers”

What is good for lowering cholesterol?

diets for lowering cholesterol The cholesterol is a lipid that is present in our body and meets some essential functions for life. But when for various reasons, increases the level of cholesterol in the blood, it becomes a disorder that can become very serious.

We all know what is good for lowering cholesterol: avoid foods high in fat and fried foods, coffee, alcohol and smoking. In short, lead a healthy life especially with a healthy and balanced diet.

Here are some homemade recipes to lower cholesterol in a totally natural:

  • One of the best ways to combat high cholesterol is swallowing a whole clove of garlic in the morning and fasting.
  • Apples also help to reduce cholesterol. For this you should eat apples every day.
  • Another recipe that you can prepare to reduce cholesterol is with orange juice from two oranges and a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Take on an empty stomach. Continue reading “What is good for lowering cholesterol?”

Home remedies egg shell

The eggshell is composed of chemicals derived from calcium. The main component is carbonate calcium, but you can say that the egg shell is made entirely of calcium. As you know calcium is good for the bones, there are many supplements and drugs for bone diseases which are manufactured from calcium.

home remedies egg shell

The home remedies eggshell can help people if they suffer from any type of bone diseases like osteoporosis, or to strengthen the bones, after a broken, sprained or other trauma. Continue reading “Home remedies egg shell”

Controlling diabetes naturally

home remedy for diabetes The diabetes is a chronic disease that indicates a disorder in the process by which our body converts food we eat into energy, metabolism. It is a disease that can be controlled with medication and various types of medical and health treatments. But you can also control diabetes naturally with products that Mother Nature offers us in several ways.

One of the medicinal plants that are useful for diabetics is the flower of Jamaica. This plant is used to lower cholesterol, triglycerides, to prevent cardiovascular disease and to control the blood sugar and get a beneficial effect on diabetes.

The medicinal properties of this plant can decrease the absorption of glucose by the intestine, thus avoiding passing blood. It is good to regulate the glucose spikes that can occur after eating.

Other medical foods that can help find them in the avocado and fig trees, which reduce the level of blood sugar, the seaweed that can help overweight, lower cholesterol and improve diabetes in general and chromium picolinate, which helps metabolize blood sugar. Continue reading “Controlling diabetes naturally”

Natural Medicine for Diabetes

natural medicine for diabetes People who suffer from diabetes are well aware that it is a disease that must accompany them for life, but this does not mean you can live with diabetes in the most natural way possible.

The natural medicine for diabetes may be helpful to get used to living with diabetes, as an alternative therapy or we can take some medicinal plants for diabetes as an adjunct to conventional medical treatments.

Home Remedies for Diabetes:

The nettle is a useful plant for diabetics by reducing blood glucose. For this, an infusion prepared with 25 grams of nettle root in a pint of water. Boil a few minutes over low heat and strain.

Among the foods we consume to improve diabetes are the artichokes and sage. The sage wine also acts by lowering blood sugar. Continue reading “Natural Medicine for Diabetes”

Natural remedies to cure Sore Throat

Typical sore throat natural remedies are substances such as sage and chamomile.

sore throat

Everyone knows the typical scratchy throat that is accompanied by mostly by coughing or hoarseness. There are so many means to a quick healing of the annoying pain. If you feel an irritation in the throat or difficulty swallowing suffers early, you have to go immediately to the doctor, because there are many natural remedies sore throat. Continue reading “Natural remedies to cure Sore Throat”