Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats


The human body is made of proteins and cell components that prevent them from disintegrating and allowing them to perform their duties consist primarily of protein. For a simple explanation, one could say that each type of protein is formed by a specific set of “partition” these are called amino acids. The human body needs about 22 amino acids to form all the proteins that make up in their cells produced 14 types of amino acids, but the others, called essential amino acids must be obtained from food. Much of the chemical activity of the organization is to destroy the series of walls in food and rearrange to form other series, i.e., other proteins.


Carbohydrates are the nutrients most underrated, but provide energy to the body, help regulate the breakdown of protein and protect it from toxins.

Glucose, for example, is the main fuel of the human body, whose cells can also use other fuels, including fat, glucose is a carbohydrate called monosaccharides, ie sweet-tasting substances, consisting of a single molecule.

Hidden calories, making it difficult to remove

Hidden calories, making it difficult to removeThe iron will is a prerequisite for weight loss. But to be successful you have to learn to avoid calorie bombs. The good intention is there to do this alone is the result left. Despite all diet attempts to get the extra pounds stubbornly hold, rather than tumbling. Psychological traps entice us to eat more than we do. We are often the hidden persuaders and calories are not even aware. But who knows where are the risks, they can handle skillfully. The celebration evening is often the enemy of all good intentions.

Vegetarian Nutrition – “Thou shalt not kill”

Vegetarian Nutrition - Thou shalt not killThe vegetarian diet is the complete abandonment of the Fish and meat dishes.

In the vegetarian diet is deliberately avoided meat and fish products. The term itself is derived from the English word “vegetable”, which as much as “herbal” or “vegetables” means. Vegetarians do without but not necessarily to other forms of animal food such as eggs, milk and butter. Only the consumption of fish and meat will be rejected and replaced in some cases by soy products.

Macrobiotic diet – the balance between Yin and Yang

Macrobiotic dietThe macrobiotic diet is based on two contracting powers, which must be included in this diet in balance.

The macrobiotic diet is based on the idea that the universe consists of two contracting forces: the yin and yang. A happy life is possible only with a balance of two forces. Accordingly, also considered for a healthy diet, and both forces are brought into balance. Many diseases of civilization are due to a backlog of damaging yin.

Yin and Yang – the forces of the universe
To offset the food is assigned to the two forces, the criteria for this classification of both the state as may be the form of preparation of food. Yin stands for the Plant, Light and feminine, while Yang the animal, severity and male embodies. As best as perfectly balanced between yin and yang foods, considers the macrobiotic diet theory whole-grain products. Originally, it was therefore the desire macrobiotic diet, the diet gradually to reduce whole-grain products. This is not practiced anymore.

Milk: From raw milk to H-

several types of milkWhere can I get raw milk and what is the difference between fresh milk and fresh longer? Helpful to clarify.
Milk is not the same as milk – milk from farmers has almost nothing in common with UHT UHT milk to be done. The longer fresh milk is not the same as fresh milk.

Raw and certified milk
Raw milk is to be completely untreated and must be boiled before drinking necessarily, since disease-causing germs are not killed by a heat process. The cooking about to go ten to 30 percent of the lost vitamins, the fat content is between 3.5 and 5 percent. Even in the refrigerator to keep the raw milk is only about two days, it can only be ordered directly from the farmer. In about the same is the preferred milk, but it is in regular stores. Also, it is only about two days if stored. Is the milk for pregnant women, small children or infants thought you should boil the milk before consumption file.