Natural Medicine for Gastritis

Gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach and esophagus. It can be caused by an infection, certain drugs, alcohol, allergy, stress, radiation poisoning by food. The common gastritis symptoms are abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and lack of appetite. If you are suffering from severe gastritis pain, and looking for natural medicine for gastritis, keep on reading the rest of the article for gastritis pain relief.


Changes in lifestyle

You should consider some changes in lifestyle, especially in the diet to treat gastritis. For the beginning, you must eliminate dairy products until you feel better, and start drinking much water – at least eight glasses per day. Also you should increase the consumption of vitamin E. To get relief from the gastritis symptoms such as nausea, you can eat pineapple and papaya seeds, both raw as a natural medicine for nausea.

For gastritis diet, the ideal is that you should consider making more meals a day, but that the portions are smaller, where acidic, fried, fatty or spicy foods are the minimum possible. You must also take into account that you need to reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

If your gastritis is caused by anemia, there may be necessary to consume foods with iron that heal the primary problem, and then treat gastritis. If stress is a problem, you must find a way to learn to handle it: meditation, yoga, or tai chi are just some of the possibilities that most people have in mind.

Natural remedies for gastritis

Among the natural medicine for gastritis, an effective option is the licorice, as it provides to heal the gastrointestinal tract and it works as remedies for stomach ulcer pain. Ideally, to consume between 300 and 600 milligrams half an hour before of the meals.

If you have nausea, vomiting, gas, and abdominal pain, don’t hesitate to eat artichoke. The ginger, which also reduces inflammation and heals ulcers that may have formed by gastritis, may also be useful of treatments for ulcers in stomach. It also has antibacterial properties and reduces nausea and stimulates the digestion of fats.

In the event that gastritis is caused by a bacterium, for example, the Helicobacter pylori, the ideal is goldenseal, which also treats inflammation and heals ulcers. Believe it or not, the marshmallows can have the same effect for natural ulcer cures.

Menthol, extracted from the Mint plant promotes digestion and heals ulcers, relieving the symptoms of gastritis.

Natural antidepressants that work

Sure you have ever felt the symptoms depression; sadness overwhelms you and not let you act. You just want to be at home lying on or watching television without wishing for nothing. The problem comes when this feeling starts to elongate and arrives in time to become a real hindrance to our daily lives, so that may affect our family life, social and employment.

natural antidepressants

Before all this happens and we have to go to a psychiatrist who prescribed antidepressants in pill, we can make the effort to use some natural antidepressants that we listed below. It is worth the effort especially at the beginning of these feelings of depression to end it as soon as possible.

Natural remedies for depression

There are options away from psychologists and traditional medicines to fight depression. There are more natural antidepressants and we are going to show you some of them:

Touch and stepping on the Earth

According to scientists at the University of Bristol and University College London, they have found some friendly bacteria in the soil that affect the brain in a similar way as do the antidepressants. The effects of emotional healing work in gardening, small crops, ultimately, touching the ground with your feet and hands are actually antidepressants. Barefoot walks on trails through forests, you will see how you will be invading the joy of nature. Continue reading “Natural antidepressants that work”

Natural remedies to treat Asthma

Many people in the world suffer attacks of asthma and statistics indicate that the numbers are increasing, often for allergic reasons.

treatment for asthma

People with this disease should know that their unpleasant symptoms of asthma can be alleviated by appealing to alternative medicine for asthma. We suggest now more natural remedies for asthma.

Home remedies for asthma


Oddly enough, the caffeine is an excellent bronchodilator. Therefore, drinking two or three cups of coffee a day prevents symptoms of asthma. You can also drink when you have an attack, but not put milk as this produces phlegm. This remedy relaxes and clears the respiratory. Of course, this method is a natural remedy for asthma in adults. Continue reading “Natural remedies to treat Asthma”

Natural tonic to improve appetite

Although many people today are looking to reduce appetite to lose weight, many are also those that need their appetite increase, and it can be affected by many things that manage to inhibit, with the immediate effect of decreased food intake, and therefore body deprivation of nutrients that it needs.

increase appetite naturally

To prevent this from happening to you, next time you feel no appetite for more than one day you will be very helpful ingest any of these natural tonic to increase appetite.

Consequences of lack of appetite

The bulimia and anorexia are two typical diseases among those related to eating disorders, but are not the only, because of the reduced supply of nutrients, the immune system is affected and weakened, so the defenses down and generates a vulnerable to any pathogen. Continue reading “Natural tonic to improve appetite”

Simple tips to ease a cold

The cold is a disease that makes us feel terribly evil and it is also a fact that is very common and will suffer many times in life. Upon acceptance of this crime, it is imperative that we learn to cope with symptoms of cold and speed healing cold sore.

simple tips to ease a cold

Here are some simple health tips for cold that you must follow to achieve a rapid recovery when the state of viral attacks so that you can ease a cold.

Home remedies for colds


The nasal congestion and chest are the most unpleasant symptoms of all colds. How to alleviate? Simple: drink large amounts of liquid.

Drink plenty of water or natural juice prevents dehydration and helps maintain moist respiratory system. You should take 8 to 10 glasses of water and herbal teas, fruit drinks and even chicken soup. Avoid any drinks with caffeine because it acts as a diuretic and tends to dehydrate the body.

Blow your nose

It is necessary blowing your nose in flu states, but properly. If it becomes very strong run the risk of sending mucus with germs to the ears and cause pain and swelling in this area. So, better press a hole in your nose and the other with soft sounds, clarifying its content. Then repeat the action with the other nostril.


One of the best home remedies against viral congestion and runny mucous is to inhalations. Just place your head over a pan of boiling water and steam. Be very careful because the steam can burn the mucous membranes of the nose. Fumbles and inhale slowly to find your own pace.

Saline nasal spray

The saline nasal spray is very effective for supplying the nose and to avoid congestion. Also remove virus particles and bacteria that might be accommodated in the cavity. An alternative natural remedy for colds for cold is as follows:

In a cup of warm water, adds ¼ teaspoon salt and ¼ of baking soda. Fill a syringe and enter the solution gently into the nasal cavities. First one, then press the other switch. Repeat the procedure 3 times.


You should stay in rest and warm clothes when you have a cold, especially at winter days. Thus economize the body’s energies, so that it can better fight against the disease.

These are some of the best home remedies to combat colds that have been used successfully over the years and science has undoubtedly valid. Remember that simple colds are viruses that the same body combats but we must give a hand in this task.

Do not forget the same time to maintain a healthy diet, reinforced in fruits and vegetables. Your body will thank you.

No more swollen legs with natural remedies!

With the arrival of warm weather all we want to show off our legs, after being forced to hide them under heavy clothes due to the colder months, and this desire, however, it may collide with widespread imperfections, caused by a lack of attention paid to this part of the body, important not only under the aesthetic appearance, but also for the health of the whole organism.

home remedies for anti-swelling

The health and beauty of the legs depends on a delicate balance between several factors: hormonal levels, blood circulation, weight and eating habits and life. Women also are more likely than men to manifest problems of water retention in legs, fat or feelings of local swelling, transient or prolonged. Continue reading “No more swollen legs with natural remedies!”

Natural remedies for vaginal candidiasis

In our bodies inhabit many fungi and bacteria that are beneficial for our body and help to maintain certain features of it. This is the case of Candida albicans, a fungus that lives in the vagina and other body parts. In the vagina, if conditions are normal, the presence of this fungus does not affect us through the action of the immune system and the acidic pH of the vagina.

home remedies for vaginal infection

However, when for some reason there is a lowering of our defenses or changes occur that alter the pH of the vagina, Candida reproduces and extends more than usual, thus showing a vaginal infection by fungi that cause pain, itching, swelling occurs, instead of the usual flow, a whitish discharge. Continue reading “Natural remedies for vaginal candidiasis”

Aloe vera for eczema

The eczema is an inflammatory reaction of the skin that tends to dry, turn red and irritated. Among the natural treatments against this disease, the use of aloe vera is the most efficient. Here we are trying to tell you all about the benefits of aloe vera against eczema so it can fight this condition naturally.

aloe vera benefits for skin

Already we have heard that the aloe vera eczema is one of the most popular aloe vera home remedies to combat eczema. It is because at high moisturizing properties of plant it is used for the most convenient to avoid extra dry skin, typical manifestation of this type of dermatitis. Furthermore, this same moisture relieves redness of the skin, helping those red patches that form begin to disappear. Continue reading “Aloe vera for eczema”

The nutritional value of sugarcane juice

The high nutritional power of the juice of sugarcane makes its use is mandatory for anyone who wants to gain energy, to treat a cold, or nurture is an anti cancer juice. It is loaded with essential nutrients for the human body.

nutritional value of sugarcane juice

Low in the glycemic index it is a helper to keep the body healthy and fit. If you are sick with a cold or sore throat, just drink a large glass of sugarcane juice to heal quickly. Although this benefit does not extend to those who are with type 2 diabetes, who owns the type 1 can enjoy this natural drink quietly. It is effective as a cancer preventer, and helps fight breast and prostate cancer. Continue reading “The nutritional value of sugarcane juice”