secrets to whiter teeth

How to get whiter teeth

The secrets to whiter teeth can give a new look to your smile. Keep them well maintained is always synonymous with greater self confidence, and provide extra help to make a good impression. And if a beautiful smile makes miracles, need small care if they are made ​​on a regular basis, also produce incredible results.

How to keep your toothbrush clean?

The oral health problems often occur because of the lack of proper hygiene practices that do not meet 100% function to remove bacteria and germs from the mouth. And by that we do not mean only improper tooth brushing, but also to the poor conditions in which, through carelessness or ignorance, the toothbrushes are kept.

how to keep your toothbrush clean

So today we’ll give you some tips of how to clean your toothbrush in good naturally, allowing you to keep your main tool for oral hygiene in good condition.

Cleaning toothbrush

Note that after each washing of teeth, the bacteria are adhered toothbrush and toothpaste residues that accumulate and eventually cause the deterioration of the bristles, thereby reducing the effectiveness of its cleaning effect.

How to improve oral health

We all care about our oral health and is, likewise, is something that all fixed. Brushing, flossing and mouthwash at least after every meal are the pillars to maintain good dental hygiene, but if you are looking for even better results of dental health, there are certain things that are of great interest.

oral health

There are repeatedly analyzed together different aspects of oral health and the precisely importance of oral hygiene. We also present some of the foods that harm the health of your mouth and now continue on the subject of some dental health tips so you should know how to improve oral health.