31 May: World No Tobacco Day 2012

Today, at least for today, make an effort for no smoking day.

Like all May 31, we celebrate the World No Tobacco Day, the day that the World Health Organization (WHO) has set for us to take real awareness of how dangerous smoking is for health. The main objective is to achieve abstinence from tobacco in all its forms for 24 hours.

world no tobacco day 2012

Smoking is the second leading cause of death globally after hypertension: one in ten adults die as a result of smoking, leading to about 5.4 million deaths a year. Also, is the leading preventable epidemic which is facing the medical community. Continue reading “31 May: World No Tobacco Day 2012”

The smoking causes sexual impotence

The harmful effects of smoking have been verified by medical research worldwide. Smoking causes irreparable damage to the respiratory and cardiovascular system and is a major cause of lung and throat cancer.

erectile dysfuntcion

Many smokers are well aware of the health risks of smoking. One aspect of health that many smokers do not realize is that smoking also reduces the reproductive capacity of men.

It is known that some diseases such as hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity are factors that can affect erectile function. Along with these, smoking has been declared one of the three most common causes of sexual impotence in men at the global level with over 50 years of age. In summary, smoking is one of the major causes of impotence. Continue reading “The smoking causes sexual impotence”

Quit smoking … and not get fat

Smoking is very strong and all women generally cost much to leave it, but you must understand that smoking is really bad and is critical to be strong to stop this service as damaging and unfeminine.

quit smoking

The first thing you do to help you quit smoking is to gather all the strength of will to fight every day against vice. You will be very difficult no matter the amount of cigarettes you consume per day.

It is very common at the time of quitting we meet the problem of weight gain. This problem arises because when we cease to feel much anxiety smoking withdrawal snuff. Continue reading “Quit smoking … and not get fat”