Vaginal dryness: Symptoms and treatment

The vaginal dryness affects many women and although dryness in women can occur at any time, it is more likely to occur at the menopause.

vaginal dryness

The feminine dryness is caused by lack of female lubrication in the vaginal area. This is caused because the body produces a decrease in the amount of estrogen (in charge of producing the lubrication).

Due to the absence of moisture in the intimate area, you may feel discomfort such as itching, burning and irritation or pain in sex. In addition, lack of lubrication in women makes it easy to acquire vaginal infection, decreasing the protective vaginal flora.

the sting of insects

Remedy for the sting of insects: bees and mosquitoes

If you are looking for a remedy for the bite of an insect (perhaps stings from bees, wasps, bees, etc.) probably is suffering right now the main symptoms in the area of the bite, swelling, increased temperature in the area, intense itching. These symptoms usually disappear within a few minutes or few hours, and in most cases they will not present any serious bites.

the sting of insects

However, in a very small percentage of cases, after the insect bite, symptoms that alert us to a stronger reaction than expected: there is mental confusion and can even lose consciousness, difficulty breathing occurs, the area of the bite swells too much or you can see any bruising, and now finally the symptom that is experienced more trouble with shortness of breath is a sensation of tightness in the chest and throat.

Our Health Care

The general health care requires us first of all to be moderate in everything we do. That is the key to preventing health disorders in a world which surrounds us.

And it turns out that we are surrounded by dangers. These range from the emotional to the environment, going through the food, the circumstantial and genetic.

It is important to be cautious in taking any decision. Should not be treated appellant with any substance that has potential for harm or which do not have full knowledge, say the chemicals we consume are from the industry. Here we can include deodorants and makeup. Many such products have been recalled after years circulating and being consumed by millions of people for a long time. Recall the case of deodorants containing aluminum. Many chronic diseases have their origin in products like these.