Yoga is Health

yoga exercise Of the millions of people who practice yoga around the world, no doubt you will all agree that yoga is health. Many have come to yoga, perhaps due to an illness or health problem, on the advice of their doctors, friends or family, or simply because they were drawn and because seeking a healthier lifestyle and natural.

In all cases, the yoga has fulfilled all the expectations of practitioners and more. The yoga surprise to those who start their practice in search of a specific target for their immense wisdom that covers all aspects of physical and emotional. It’s more than a remedy, much more than a natural treatment.

The benefits of yoga for health are many and very effective. In strictly physical tone is achieved and relax the muscles and organs. It also acts on the nervous system, strengthens the body in general, provides strength, power, and flexibility and improves posture. The welfare state is achieved thanks to the yoga seeks to balance the mind and body.

Nutritional advice during Pregnancy

"foods during pregnancy"
Pregnancy is the period between egg fertilization until birth, which lasts about 9 months. From that moment begins a new life, and changes in the mother’s body are very important.

Both ovulation and menstruation are inhibited. The uterus, to accommodate the fetus, also progressively increases in size, being 50 gr., Normal state, can weigh a kilo in the last months of pregnancy.

The breasts increase in size, appear vomiting, and nausea, increased urination as well as the desire for sleep.

Given these and other changes experienced by women during pregnancy, should be answered through an adequate nutrient intake. This does not mean eating for two, and in an exaggerated manner, but must be nurtured to ensure both the nutrition of the baby as his own.

The fundamental change is the formation of new tissues of both women, placenta and fetus. Moreover, given the weight gain is experienced, it should also increase caloric intake, to maintain all vital functions.

This requires a diet or a balanced diet, varied and correct. The role of food will ensure both the health of the baby and mother. Therefore, feeding during these 9 months should not be subject to fads or topics almost always misunderstandings that can lead to considerable danger for both.

Tips to consider:

1. It is always best to choose fresh foods, avoid canned, cooked, frozen or ready to eat.
2. With regard to ways of cooking, the best are grilled, steamed, boiled or baked.
3. Do not take fried, chipped, sautéed and breaded daily, consuming only very occasionally.
4. Avoid high fat meats, sausages and meats.

Tips for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy means some changes in you, not only physical but also emotional, but these changes do not have to be negative. For this to be so, we offer a few tips that will help make your pregnancy more enjoyable and that after the do not feel any negative change.


1. Pregnancy is a unique and exciting experience, which has women and men share the experience. There is nothing pathological, at first, so enjoy the pregnancy.

2. From the moment you know you are pregnant, see your obstetrician for her pregnancy check.

Domestic accidents – How to avoid them

Domestic accidents in children are considered as a real public health problem and, indeed, in childhood and adolescence are the most frequent cause of consultation in the emergency department. Today is one of the leading causes of death in children 1 to 14 years of age.

domestic accidents

Even if the child has a highly developed survival instinct that allows you to react to the instability, loneliness, darkness, fire or water, their natural curiosity drives him to want to discover the world at your fingertips, especially so for him is unknown. But children have no power and no concept developed psychomotor enough of the dangers.

Tips For The Couple’s Relationship (tips for married)

These are some tips to improve the relationship, that is, to have a stable and happy fellowship. Good advice for married couples.

How to have a successful relationship

Mutual Respect:

• Respect is based on an appreciation of the personal dignity of husband or wife.
• Respect for him or her to think first about their benefit rather than mine.
• Compliance can be broken on three sides different, but complementary: words, gestures and actions.

The shortcomings of the other:

• Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.
• When you marry may idealize the couple and think of marriage as in a dream, but soon runs into a reality.
• The spouses are not perfect.
• We must learn to coexist with the shortcomings of others, without exaggeration.
• noticing especially in its virtues, it is good.

Sense of humor:

• Do not dramatize. Cultivate a sense of humor is to see the funny side of things. We must exercise the laughter, the grace to take it easy and play down any friction. We all like to be greeted with a smile. Strive.


• Through her, the relationship is refined, is full of tenderness and delicacy, has to address the other person treated delicate, elegant, gentle and polite.
• Tenderness is giving, is to make the other person to taste the greatness of knowing they loved, esteemed, respected, treated with love and care.

Our Health Care

The general health care requires us first of all to be moderate in everything we do. That is the key to preventing health disorders in a world which surrounds us.

And it turns out that we are surrounded by dangers. These range from the emotional to the environment, going through the food, the circumstantial and genetic.

It is important to be cautious in taking any decision. Should not be treated appellant with any substance that has potential for harm or which do not have full knowledge, say the chemicals we consume are from the industry. Here we can include deodorants and makeup. Many such products have been recalled after years circulating and being consumed by millions of people for a long time. Recall the case of deodorants containing aluminum. Many chronic diseases have their origin in products like these.

Sexual Health

Sexual Health Concept is based on 3 elements:

1. The ability to enjoy and at the same time be able to control their own sexual and reproductive behavior in accordance with personal and social ethics (as is the case they will say).

2. The power to overcome fear and shame of guilt (for example, no love or want enough to the partner), false beliefs and other psychological factors inhibiting sexual response and impair sexual relationships.

3. The absence of organic disorders, venereal diseases and other deficiencies, such as impotence or low sex drive, which hinder the sexual and reproductive functions.

Then I will explain more or less the sexual behavior of both sexes:

1. Male Sexual Behavior.

– Some people get all their orgasms in a single kind of sexual activity, but on average obtained from 2 or 3 sources (masturbation, Pollution, Sex as such, etc.).
– The maximum frequency of sexual activity occurs between 16 and 20 years, reaching an average of 3.5 orgasms per week. Of the 36 to 40 years 2.4 Orgasms and 46 to 50 years an average of 1.8 orgasms.
– Between 92% and 97% of men end up masturbating: frequencies are higher in pre-adolescents.
– The pre-marital sexual activity with prostitutes in the singles of 20 years was 74% with a level of primary schooling, 54% with an average level and 28% for higher education.

Chakras of the human body

chakras human body The chakras of the human body offers you great benefits that are large and they restore the harmonious balance of the functions of all the energy that you never see but they are.

Recognizing your chakras you can distinguish evolutionary level where you are, making your light body, raising the awareness of the rational. Most people do not know where their energy centers or what this topic.

The word chakra means wheel in Sanskrit, this being the term for the energy centers that have the human body. Power centers are those that act as transmitters of the same and influence all your activities through the functioning of the endocrine glands, which affect your body functioning, mental balance and emotional integrity.

Each chakra is formed by a series of radio energy through which energy flows pass at different speeds of vibration. All chakras are really necessary for terrestrial lived experiences, and to spiritualize the process.

10 Tips for Mental Health

Sometimes anomalies in our routine are causing degradation of Mental Health, same reason we will give some tips for which particular care to avoid problems in the future.

1. Building confidence: Identify your strengths and weaknesses together, accept the building upon them and do the best with what you have.

2. Eat well, stay fit: A balanced diet, healthy food, exercise and rest can help reduce stress and enjoy life.

3. Make time for family and friends: These relationships must be nurtured daily.

4. Give and accept support: Friends and family relationships thrive when they are “tested.”

5. Create a meaningful budget: The financial problems cause stress. Excessive spending on our “wants” instead of our “needs” is often the culprit.