healthy vegetables for our bodies

10 healthy vegetables for our bodies

We can get healthy vegetables from cultivated plants, usually in orchards or irrigation, which are consumed as food. This includes green vegetables and legumes (beans and peas). The vegetables include fruits and cereals. The following list is a selection of healthy eating vegetables that are healthier for our bodies.

healthy vegetables for our bodies

1. The Onion

It contains quercetin which is one of the most powerful flavonoids (natural antioxidants). It is rich in vitamins B and C and minerals. Some studies indicate it may help prevent certain cancers. It makes our movement more fluid, regulate blood sugar, kill bacteria and relieve congestion. One cup of chopped onion has 61 calories, 0% fat and 3 grams of fiber.

Vegetables Properties

vegetables properties All vegetables are very healthy foods; the properties of vegetables turn them into the best foods we can consume. Besides the great variety of vegetables available, they can be prepared with plenty of dishes. To accompany other foods or as main course.

When preparing a salad of various vegetables and supplemented with meat, fish, cheese, pasta, rice or vegetables, you get a balanced meal without nutrient deficiencies. The plant foods in our diet should predominate. Although this is not always so, especially in children.

Some vegetables have high water content; this gives properties particularly useful for weight loss due to the diuretic and purification they possess. The absence of fat and fewer calories contributed by vegetables is another reason why they are ideal foods to maintain body weight and fight obesity. Also is possible to reduce the level of cholesterol and triglycerides. This is a good form of prevention for all types of diseases and cardiovascular disorders.

The properties of tomato and cardiovascular health

tomatoes propertiesDiscuss the benefits of the tomato is a cliche, because a greater or lesser extent we all know what are the virtues of this extraordinary food. In our blog we have reviewed on several occasions, and we know for example that is useful for the digestive system, lowers cholesterol and has a direct benefit on the circulatory system.

In the latter we focus today, as an investigation of Molecular Nutrition & Food Research Laboratory worked with mice, finding that the tomato is very good for blood health.

As say the researchers behind this study, the reduction of bad cholesterol from the blood by the tomato had a direct effect on the health of the mice, which was greatly reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.


1. Do not worry much about the amount of calories you consume by eating. Balance your diet and make sure you eat varied.
2. Eat foods rich in protein and low in carbohydrates and a little vegetable fat. The protein can increase metabolic process up to 30% and help balance the release of insulin for better secretion of the hormone glucagon in the pancreas. Induced glucagon mobilizes fat tissue where it is stored and thus helps you lose weight. Therefore, a balanced diet keeps blood sugar levels normal and the ability to burn stored fat.
3. Eat foods with complex carbohydrates that also contain proteins such as tofu, lentils, baked potato with no dressing, sesame seeds, beans, rice diet, whole grains, chicken and turkey without skin, white fish (non- shrimp, lobster, oysters, etc.) Chicken, turkey and fish must be prepared on the grill or oven, you cannot eat fried.
4. Eat fresh fruits and raw vegetables in abundance, make a daily meal based only on fruits and vegetables, eat low-calorie vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, carrots, celery, cucumbers, green beans, lettuce, onions, radishes, spinach , turnips, etc. Among the fruits low in calories and carbohydrates are: apples, cantaloupe, grapefruit, strawberries, and watermelons.
5. The bananas, cherries, corn, figs, grapes, pineapple, sweet foods are high in calories and can be consumed very sparingly.

Natural energy juice

natural energy juiceMany people suffer daily fatigue and weakness. It might start your day with all the energy, but at some point you may ran out of energy. In this time when you can use these natural energy juices are always better options than the remedies energizing, multivitamin tablets and others that may be prescribed by your doctor.

The fatigue and tiredness generally appear when the stress is installed in your lives; the cause may even be a negative environment or situations typical of large cities such as insecurity, loneliness, or the feverish activity.

Food is essential to provide the necessary nutrients, but equally important is sleep the number of hours required and especially the quality of sleep. It also recommends moderate physical exercise and consumption of sugar.

Healthy snacking is a contradiction

Healthy snacking is a contradictionWho pays attention to his diet or simply wants to take breaks, usually on the nose. Healthy snacking is allowed but most people have a tendency to eat again on the day of any little thing. Be it a candy bar, salted nuts, rubber insects or gallon of lemonade. The usual suspects in the area of unhealthy snacks are, however, too high in fat and nutritionally usually unnecessary luxuries. It is a rather unsuccessful endeavor to prohibit these goodies completely, unless you are one of the few lucky people with a very strong will. Much more helpful it is in a healthy “snacks” switch, with which one imposes on the body is not burdened with unnecessary and calories, but instead supplies even valuable nutrients.

Organic food – eating healthier and help the environment

Organic food - eating healthier and help the environmentThe organic trend is not to overlook everything in the supermarket. More and more people are eating healthier now and have access to organic foods.

Organic foods have the advantage over conventionally grown products from many advantages. Their production is not only acceptable for the environment but also healthier by their lower content of pollutants and pesticides for humans. Apart from health criteria are above all socio-political aspects that more and more people use food grown organically.

The benefit of a good conscience in the minds of many people has moved. Therefore, the demand growing (only after fruits vegetables and meat) from organic farms steadily. His finished soup can be bought in the meantime Bioformat.

What is artichoke?

It’s great to know what it is for the artichoke, and it is a food you would have to include in your diet for the sake of your health. The artichoke is a plant of eastern Africa, but is now being grown worldwide.

what is artichoke

It’s called the liver protective plant, and helps stimulate bile secretion in the elimination of fecal matter because due to bile stimulate your bowel movements. It has a cleansing activity which makes it very good in the diets for weight reduction. Greatly helps in the elimination of fluids and diuretics to be thin.

Goji berries – the happy fruit

Goji berries: Vitamin and nutrient giant The popular goji berry promises to slow the aging process. Their vital force in China has been known for millennia.

The advance of the Goji berry is unstoppable. For years, the juice in America is considered the anti-aging remedy par excellence. In Europe, the Goji berry is becoming increasingly popular. The Goji berry is known in her native China and Tibet as “happy” fruit, because there one is convinced that eating this fruit, put the people in the state of the utmost satisfaction.