Sports people as well as people who do sport are both susceptible to experiencing muscle injury. The simple fact of running at a bus stop that escapes you can cause that a pull or twist that will make you to maintain the high standing for a couple of days.

cold and heat therapy

If you suffer from a muscle injury you should know that the heat and cold therapy can help you to improve the flow of the affected area. Any type of prescription is not necessary to do so, and the effective use of cold and heat on the affected area will enable a more rapid healing of the injured area.

For example, this therapy can improve circulation. The heat causes the muscles to relax by opening their capillaries, and thus improving the circulation there. That yes, must avoid heat immediately after suffering muscle wound; this can cause injury to the muscle.

Those who suffer from arthritis also can benefit from therapy with cold and heat, as the heat relaxes muscles is good idea to use it during the morning to encourage the movement of the muscles in the affected joints. On the other hand, apply ice at the end of the day may help reduce pain.

It is necessary to use this therapy with caution, because neither cold nor heat must be in contact over 20 minutes with the skin, because it can cause injury to the same.