Goji berries: Vitamin and nutrient giant The popular goji berry promises to slow the aging process. Their vital force in China has been known for millennia.

The advance of the Goji berry is unstoppable. For years, the juice in America is considered the anti-aging remedy par excellence. In Europe, the Goji berry is becoming increasingly popular. The Goji berry is known in her native China and Tibet as “happy” fruit, because there one is convinced that eating this fruit, put the people in the state of the utmost satisfaction.

You are there to honor celebrated annually even parties where one is grateful for their health-promoting properties that people bring longevity, beauty, energy, strength and endurance. The Goji berry – the flavor is like a mix of cherries and cranberries – is not only an important part of Chinese cuisine, but has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine.

Strong immune system due to Goji Berry

There are now numerous scientific studies that deal with the positive effects of Goji berries on the human organism in general and as an anti-aging agent in particular. Goji berry contain the powerful antioxidants that are known to support optimal cell regeneration. This slows down the aging process of the human organism, strengthens the heart and at the same time helps to stabilize the immune system. Their share of proteins, polysaccharides, and essential fatty acids is remarkable. The combined composition of all these nutrients reduces mainly the damage of cells caused by aggressive free radicals, supporting proven optimal cell protection.

Vitamin and nutrient giant

The Goji berry is one of the most nutritious fruits in general. In the captions of the matrimony vine berry plants can be detected only 18 amino acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, C and E and 21 trace minerals. Furthermore it has the Goji berry no small share of so-called carotenoids. They, too, is said to have a cell-protective effect and keep the people even before cancers. The berry of the Goji occurring fibers, in turn care for a balanced and not too high blood sugar levels, which optimizes the amount of body fat, while the cholesterol level is low. This significantly reduces the risk of suffering from heart and kidney. The high content of potassium does the rest. The positive qualities of Goji berries have a further effect on muscle growth. The activities of the pancreas and liver are supported by their agents optimally, which in turn result in improved digestion.

Goji berry is also known as wolfberry in some countries.