Home remedies egg shell

home remedies egg shell

The eggshell is composed of chemicals derived from calcium. The main component is carbonate calcium, but you can say that the egg shell is made entirely of calcium. As you know calcium is good for the bones, there are many supplements and drugs for bone diseases which are manufactured from calcium.

home remedies egg shell

The home remedies eggshell can help people if they suffer from any type of bone diseases like osteoporosis, or to strengthen the bones, after a broken, sprained or other trauma.

You may also use these home remedies with eggshell as a complement to the bone to prevent bone diseases such as sports or older who want to maintain the strength of your bones.

One way to exploit the properties of the eggshell is grind in a mortar until a powder like flour. For that you have to collect about 10 egg shells and must be roasted in the oven a few minutes to dry. No cooking, it is heated a bit to toast and grind them up so they can look like a meal.

Save the egg shell powder, you can take a tablespoon in a glass of milk and stir, taken once a day. It is also recommended preparing a good vegetable soup and add one or two tablespoons per bowl of soup for this meal eggshell.

Another home remedy with eggshells is prepared by immersing the shell of an egg in a glass of lemon juice, let stand at least 12 hours or until the hard shell disappears, and then you know that the calcium has been full to lemon juice. This lemon juice enriched with calcium you can make pure, scoop it, you can use to spice up salads or mix a few tablespoons water and two glasses a day.