Home tips to relieve cough

The cough can occur for many reasons, some reasons for cough including the conditions of mild respiratory, nervousness, stress or after a day when we have a lot of the forced down throat.

home tips for cough

Sometimes, coughing acts as a mechanism of defense, an attempt to clear the airway by the body, but can also indicate a possible infection. In many cases, the cough becomes an ally to expel the bacteria, mucus and clear the airway. However, in other it is absolutely unbearable. So today we give you some home tips for cough to try to alleviate it.

One of the cough remedies that is great for soft cough that appears at night and not let you sleep is to cut a piece of onion in half and put it near the pillow.

Moreover, food is important to avoid that produce increased mucus, for example, milk. On the contrary, it is advisable to drink plenty of water and avoid dry environments to prevent spitting.

There are many teas that are good for coughs, such as fig, lime, licorice, mint, mauve and thyme. It is very important that they are well hot when you take and also it is recommended that sweeten with honey. It is a perfect fluid to soften the throat and relieve cough, since it has a lot of properties and therapeutic nutrition. In addition, we advise you to breathe with the fumes of the infusions.

Cough may be caused by the dryness in the environment, so it is recommended to use vaporizers to increase humidity.

Finally, it is believed that taking chicken broth relieves the urge to cough. The same applies to plums if taken in abundance.