The mosquitoes can become harmless or cause transmitted diseases, such as dengue or yellow fever that can cause serious disruptions in the affected person. In any case, a sleepless night due to mosquito bites may be a good reason to know how to avoid mosquito bites.

avoid mosquito bites

We have to say that natural remedies to avoid mosquito bites that offer below are not one hundred percent effective, as these insects know sneak in unexpected places to take the food they need, so all we can do at the preventive level is welcome but not one hundred percent effective.

Preventive measures to avoid mosquitoes

To prevent mosquito bites, it is best to stay away from them and sources where they can grow more. Places with accumulated dirt and water and damp places can become real hotbeds of mosquitoes. It’s something to keep in mind when exercising outdoors daily walking or hiking.

As for our home, we must keep the house clean and check for wastewater that are somewhere in our garden, roof, attic, or in containers that can be left in the open air, as they are well placed for growth of the mosquito larvae.

When it comes to preventing the entry of these insects to the house, we recommend the use of screens on all windows and doors, as well as a practice of keeping them closed, is the best way to ward off these harmful insects.

You can also use some insecticides sporadically, but always being careful, especially if you have children and pets at home as they can suffer the consequences of these toxic products.

Using mosquito repellent creams on the skin is another option to avoid mosquito bites while we are away from home. But its application should be repeated at least every hour and in all areas that are uncovered and exposed to the outside.

Of course the clothes to some extent prevent the passage of mosquitoes, but this is not entirely effective.

Home remedies to prevent mosquito bites

There are some home remedies that can be made ‚Äč‚Äčalso to prevent these so annoying mosquito bites.

As for the vanilla extract, appears to have good results as mosquito repellent, but it seems that there are quite disagreement about how to use it. Some people say you should put some points on the body, others who need to extend it across the skin.

Also, there are those who advise in pure vanilla and other extracts sprayed spray. It is best to see for yourself and take advantage of the properties of vanilla to avoid mosquito bites.

Garlic is very healthy and useful, even for this purpose. Garlic powder dissolved in water to make dough can be applied pulse areas, such as the wrist or neck, to repel mosquitoes. This is a great choice if you are exposed abroad to places with lots of mosquitoes.

Citronella and lemon are also useful to prevent mosquito bites. They have repellent properties mixed with alcohol and can spray on the body with a spray.