The secrets to whiter teeth can give a new look to your smile. Keep them well maintained is always synonymous with greater self confidence, and provide extra help to make a good impression. And if a beautiful smile makes miracles, need small care if they are made ​​on a regular basis, also produce incredible results.

secrets to whiter teeth

Techniques and tricks

The key for the proper care of the teeth is surely on brushing. It happens that many think synonymous with fine brushed teeth is the application of force. However, friction is what causes sudden damage to the enamel. There they spend the brush gently, starting just above the gum line, and traversing the entire tooth. It should be almost a ritual.


Teas, coffee and red wine have their health benefits. However, they may not only stain as to weaken the enamel, mainly in the long run. To continue enjoying these drinks without taking greater risks, be sure to eat at least one green apple a day, chewing slowly. The malic acid that contained in this apple peel strengthens enamel and helps remove stains and make teeth whiter.


What is the healthiest type sugar free and the big advantage is that chewing gum produces more saliva, which in itself, helps keep teeth clean. The increase in the production of saliva neutralizes the bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease. There is also the benefit that the act of chewing some gum reduces stress and reduces cravings for sweet foods.


The frequent consumption of foods that are very acidic and sources of starches helps teeth become yellow. Candy, soft drinks and tomato, for example, may lead to degradation of its aspect smile. The most advisable is to make a reduction in the amount, or compensate by eating more vegetables crisp. Carrots, celery and walnuts not only whiten the teeth and remove the particles that cause stains. The detail is to be chewed, as in juice form, do not meet this goal to whiter teeth.