For a long time the subject of healthy diet was restricted to women who wanted to wear a beautiful figure. Later metrosexual men adopted this fashion, though still a matter of vanity. However, at present the healthy eating is no longer a fad and becomes a culture of health and diet.

healthy diet plans

For open information, the pace of life, education and the many current diseases, healthy diet plan are not just a matter of image; ills like diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, depression and a long list more, can have a panorama completely different if in addition to doctor visits and drugs are fighting with a healthy diet.

Benefits of a healthy diet

Dieting does not mean eating only a limited or lettuce and water. The word diet actually means as usual food intake, i.e., our eating habits, so the diet varies from person to person depending on age, sex, physical activity and needs.

However, although each diet should be personalized as mentioned, there are certain constants that can engage and greatly improve our health.

The benefits of a healthy diet will be reflected both internally and externally, for example, better mood, more physical energy, greater mental capacity, relief of many ailments such as headache, gastritis, constipation, on the other hand, hair and skin will be benefited, mouth odor, body fluid and much more.

Changing our diet

Although the best advice is to see a nutritionist, you can make some basic changes, for example.

Reducing meat consumption

Failing that is lean or replace with soy or other proteins such as lentils, beans or seeds. The meat should be at most 3 times a week and in the following order, fish, chicken, beef, as a last option.

Reduce consumption of dairy

There are healthy options and gentle on your digestive system as soy milk, almond or birdseed, also cream and milk substitutes such as tofu.

Avoid carbohydrates

Avoid simple carbs i.e., bread, pasta, rice and certain cereals. Instead consume products comprehensive and raises lots of fruit and vegetables in your meals.

Avoid sweets

If you have to satiate any cravings, you can try first with some fresh seed or fruit, as it can still give you a taste but sporadically, in the market there are already lots of low fat or sugar products to soothe hunger between meals.

You should increase the amount in meals for a day but decreases the portions of each with good diet plan, and will keep your body working constantly that speeds up the metabolism, and prevent or combat the symptoms of hypoglycemia or diabetes.