Macrobiotic dietThe macrobiotic diet is based on two contracting powers, which must be included in this diet in balance.

The macrobiotic diet is based on the idea that the universe consists of two contracting forces: the yin and yang. A happy life is possible only with a balance of two forces. Accordingly, also considered for a healthy diet, and both forces are brought into balance. Many diseases of civilization are due to a backlog of damaging yin.

Yin and Yang – the forces of the universe
To offset the food is assigned to the two forces, the criteria for this classification of both the state as may be the form of preparation of food. Yin stands for the Plant, Light and feminine, while Yang the animal, severity and male embodies. As best as perfectly balanced between yin and yang foods, considers the macrobiotic diet theory whole-grain products. Originally, it was therefore the desire macrobiotic diet, the diet gradually to reduce whole-grain products. This is not practiced anymore.

Rules for the balance of Yin and Yang

However, there are a number of foods will be waived in macrobiotics, including potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, sugar and processed fruits and vegetables because they contain too much yin. While meat is one of the Yang-food, but also generally declined, and instead replaced by the soy protein supplier. Also, frozen food, coffee, tea and dairy products are avoided.

According to Oshawa, the ratio between Yin and Yang be one to five to ensure a healthy diet. He also composed the ten-step program of diet, the tenth stage, which consists entirely of cereals, will be the highest quality. Kushi was this division to complete and to adapt them to the needs of Central Europeans. Accordingly, the macrobiotic diet is in this country of 50 percent corn, 25 percent vegetables, 13 percent vegetable protein, and six percent for soup, drinks, fish and dessert. This corresponds Oshawas lowest trophic levels.

As macrobiotic diet is assessed?

The macrobiotic diet is not for everyone, especially children, are suitable. It should not be used for a long time in doubt, under medical observation and in its strictest form, since they are very one-sided, energy and less calcium is what can lead to nutritional deficiencies and intestinal problems.