Menopause: Hormone TherapyThe production of the hormones in the body to be stabilized during the menopause by hormone therapy.
Hormone therapy has the aim to imitate nature, when the body produces during menopause do not have enough hormones. Then to hormone substitutions lead to compensate the “deficiency”. The natural menstrual cycle should be adjusted here. Initially, estrogen, and often administered for another ten days in the cycle of progestins. If bleeding is inevitable in any case, they offer from the outset in a combination product. The dose of hormones should be as equal to the natural hormone concentration of women, prior to beginning of menopause.

Estrogen preparations

The previously most important role to play in hormone therapy of estrogen. They are available as single drug or administered in combination with progestin. The funds are based on either natural hormones or synthetic hormones and hormone derivatives. The synthetic hormones not have the same efficiency as the body’s hormones, so you may experience side effects. In the main natural estrogen hormone therapy products are administered in different dosage forms. Estrogens have been used for more than 50 years of hormone therapy, obtained these from the urine of pregnant mares.

Combination products

The onset of menopause is characterized by a strong decrease in progesterone. The first symptoms are usually more of a progesterone and no estrogen deficiency. Progestins counteract the growth-promoting effect of estrogens on endometrium. Combination therapy with progestogens (including progesterone) to prevent uterine cancer. In the combined preparations of estrogens and progestins previously synthetic progesterone was included. Natural progesterone, but clearly more relevant, since the synthetic progestins cause side effects. Natural progesterone hormones are produced from the plant material of yam diosgenin and found in hormone use.