Women in Menopause nutrition is a mustA balanced, healthy diet helps in menopause to reduce side effects. In addition, sport helps to reduce complaints.

A remedy for symptoms during menopause is a balanced, healthy diet and exercise. The best prior to entering the menopause! Especially on high amounts of salt, coffee, nicotine, alcohol and chocolate should give up. A high consumption of meat and sugar should be avoided. Adequate exercise is a must! Proper nutrition and a balanced fittest attitude make the same amount, so slight depression are rare or even absent.

Avoid stress

Stress should also be avoided as much as possible and relaxation breaks are inserted into everyday life. Especially in the job it is also open to handle the situation, for example, sudden hot flashes do not be too embarrassing. In menopause, it is to their own needs to hear everything what the woman is good, good! It is proper nutrition as a wellness cure from the inside. Yoga can help you find inner balance. Autogenic training is a proven and good form of relaxation. An evening with friends and a nice meal with the family may also be a balancing act on the mood.

Apart from possible physical problems in the menopause at times, for instance, are the social skills and the emergence of mature women because of their experience (“wisdom”) is a particularly beautiful and positive phenomenon. The woman must not hide in old age.