Herpes labialis is a benign infection caused by Herpes simplex, a virus that remains dormant and in periods of stress, before having their periods in the case of women or when lower our defenses level reactive, popping blisters or vesicles on the lips are characteristics of herpes.

home remedies for cold sore

Although herpes disease is not a serious infection, it is quite annoying and unsightly because it can spread the lips or even the nose. To combat this, besides the drugs that we can get at the pharmacy, there are a number of natural remedies for cold sores that will help us to make things easier for the infection and make it go away faster.

We should apply ice to the area at the time where we begin to notice the characteristic tingling that precedes the onset of herpes. As yet no injuries have appeared we can apply directly on the lip with a soft cloth.

To soothe the burning, we can apply with a cotton ball a little infusion of black tea, with soft touches and taking care not to lift the scabs.

To dry the crust and make it fall before we can apply some alcohol if we find it very irritating. If so, it is best to apply some aloe vera on the wounds, which also helps to dry them, besides moisturizing and skin care of the lips.

We can apply a few drops of lemon or orange on the lesions three times a day. We can also apply for a while the white rind of the orange, after washing thoroughly to remove any dirt. Though it causes some burning, but will help the infection is less durable.

It is also advisable to avoid eating too acidic or too salty.