Natural remedies for vaginal candidiasis

In our bodies inhabit many fungi and bacteria that are beneficial for our body and help to maintain certain features of it. This is the case of Candida albicans, a fungus that lives in the vagina and other body parts. In the vagina, if conditions are normal, the presence of this fungus does not affect us through the action of the immune system and the acidic pH of the vagina.

home remedies for vaginal infection

However, when for some reason there is a lowering of our defenses or changes occur that alter the pH of the vagina, Candida reproduces and extends more than usual, thus showing a vaginal infection by fungi that cause pain, itching, swelling occurs, instead of the usual flow, a whitish discharge.

Before taking antibiotics, we can treat this Candida albicans infection with natural remedies, such as home remedies for candidiasis but if symptoms of candidiasis persist to seek medical attention is necessary to exclude the case of other important vaginal infection.

Here are some home remedies for vaginal candidiasis.

Garlic: Cut raw garlic into pieces. Put to boil a cup of water and when boiling, add the garlic. Cover the garlic tea for five minutes, and should take twice a day.

Yogurt: We can put a half cup of plain yogurt in a container and add half teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Using an applicator, insert two teaspoons of the mixture into the vagina at night. It is also advisable to take a yogurt every day to stimulate the growth of the bacterial flora.

Aloe vera: This is a large plant with antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. We should apply the aloe vera gel into the vagina and use a bandage to hold it, changing three times a day.

Following these home remedies for vaginal infection, we can get relief from vaginitis.