Many times, between work, study, children, household responsibilities, extra activities, the energy level is not enough to end the day. We fall but rendered in bed and in the morning we become unable to raise for recover.

healthy ways to boost energy

Did you ever feel that the battery of the body is not enough to end the day? To perform all daily activities, often fall in the consumption of one (or more) cups of coffee, or some energizing foods. But there are other ways to get energy, many more healthy, increase your awareness so you can perform all daily activities, while continuing to enjoy them. Notes!

Eating foods rich in protein

For starters, one of the effective ways to stay active throughout the day is to consume everything that proves rich in protein, foods that boost energy: an apple, turkey rolls with cheese, eggs, almonds and nuts, for example. A good smoothie with vitamins to boost energy is also a very good option. Vitamin B is needed to increase the energy levels in the body.

Make a quick workout

Often we have no time or inclination to go to the gym to do a workout. However, it has been shown that a brief bout of exercise and sweating also increases energy levels that allow us to end the day.

Take a cold shower

The hot showers are ideal for rest and relaxation and the cold showers are to stimulate your system and speed up the movement. Five minutes under cooling water will produce a body, which will boost its energy.

Eat small but frequent

The change of eating habits can also increase energy level. Many times, when we finished eating a hearty, the digestion process makes us sleepy and heaviness. But eating small portions at frequent cause calories flow to maintain at a more regular pace, helping the flow of energy.

20 minutes before bedtime

It is no use to get tired at home, and keep working until late, so the only thing that will cause you to get up as much or more tired than when you slept. So to have more vitality to get up every morning, try going to bed earlier. Thirty minutes of sleep, but not enough, you’ll do fine. Try it!


If you are reluctant to go running or jogging, taking a brisk walk has similar effects. Moving your body will begin to feel more alert in no time. If the times do not allow this activity as an extra, you can take to leave the car at home, or take the bus, and go to work on foot.

Get a massage

Reflexology is a type of massage that focuses on the various pressure points that affect different body parts. After a brief massage session, you feel more refreshed and rejuvenated, and reflexology is to target specific areas where work is needed to achieve relaxation. Apply a little pressure in different areas of the hands or feet will be needed to stimulate various organs and to finish the day with more vitality.

Talking about what ails you

“A healthy mind, healthy body”, says the Latin quotation. And it is a fact. If something bothers you, if you feel bad and very tired, sit to talk to someone. Not necessarily a professional, but can be a friend or even a stranger through chat. It is proven to be socially isolated leads to negative thoughts and be unproductive. So, talk it!


Here is another example of the need for the mind to feel good for the body to function, because it is really a powerful tool to increase energy level. A simple exercise is to sit in a straight-backed chair, rest your hands on your knees and close your eyes. Imagine positive and energetic feeling, with a deep breath, it helps to have a greater sense of physical and mental awareness.