With the arrival of warm weather all we want to show off our legs, after being forced to hide them under heavy clothes due to the colder months, and this desire, however, it may collide with widespread imperfections, caused by a lack of attention paid to this part of the body, important not only under the aesthetic appearance, but also for the health of the whole organism.

home remedies for anti-swelling

The health and beauty of the legs depends on a delicate balance between several factors: hormonal levels, blood circulation, weight and eating habits and life. Women also are more likely than men to manifest problems of water retention in legs, fat or feelings of local swelling, transient or prolonged.

Do not give up the pleasure to perform with pride and sensuality of the legs, as with simple home remedies for swollen legs and feet you can combat the accumulation of fluid between the skin and muscles, due to poor blood circulation, and hence the swelling legs. It should be stressed that a form of swelling that may involve the legs for a long time, will naturally take the advice of a medical specialist examinations and to avert diseases organs like the liver, kidneys and heart.

Let’s start by saying that the feeling of bloating is usually originated from a prolonged sitting position (in front of the TV or PC), with no muscle activity to act as a pump, or, conversely, from activities that require standing for a long standing, in short, from awkward postures that are stagnant fluids in the tissues of the legs. Another possible cause of swelling is the bowel irregularity: the constipation it causes not only swelling in abdomen and, but also hinder the smooth flow of blood to the pelvis.

It is essential to tackle the swelling of the legs in a holistic way, with local applications of products, but also by changing some of our bad habits, such as excessive laziness that drives us to make little or very little physical activity, or consumption of foods high in salt (and many of the products we buy every day at the supermarket).

Here are some tips of natural remedies for swelling to alleviate the heavy feeling, feel better and return to find your legs without any fear!

In the evening, returning from work, take a moment to relax and let the legs of a shower of water cold: in fact it acts as a vasoconstrictor and releases an immediate feeling of wellbeing.

Avoid wearing during the day; especially if you have no way to replace them, flat shoes or high heels too.

Drink at least one and a half liters of water a day and reduce the use of salt.

You can ask your herbalist products with natural diuretic effect, such as teas and herbal teas that help to improve the drainage capillary microcirculation: pineapple, dandelion, hawkweed, blueberry, centella, lives.

Eat frequently vegetables rich in antioxidant substances such as cucumbers, lettuce, and red vegetables, orange and yellow.

Massage the painful part in the evening with movements from the bottom upwards with ointments based centella or creams refreshing menthol.

Take the healthy habit of drinking a morning cup of cranberry juice (cranberry helps to strengthen vein walls).

Avoid exposure to sun during the hottest hours of the day, because the heat causes venous dilation.

The action of some species is an improvement for the venous and lymphatic: cypress, geranium, sandalwood, tea tree, lemon, birch, myrtle, juniper and pine. You can dilute 2 or 3 drops of these essences in 2 tablespoons of sweet with almond oil and perform a relaxing massage and a decongestant.

For circulatory problems are also mentioned poultices of clay enriched with essential oils.

Even yoga can help relieve the swelling in the legs. Many yoga teachers recommend that of example the position of the butterfly.

And here is the recipe for a refreshing bath anti-swelling: boil for fifteen minutes with 400 grams of grape leaves, filtered through a sieve and pour into the bath. You should stay immersed in the bath for fifteen minutes and then lie down for 20 minutes with your legs slightly raised.

If you have doubts or questions you can consult the experts in aesthetics, yoga and naturopathy of your area.