Organic food - eating healthier and help the environmentThe organic trend is not to overlook everything in the supermarket. More and more people are eating healthier now and have access to organic foods.

Organic foods have the advantage over conventionally grown products from many advantages. Their production is not only acceptable for the environment but also healthier by their lower content of pollutants and pesticides for humans. Apart from health criteria are above all socio-political aspects that more and more people use food grown organically.

The benefit of a good conscience in the minds of many people has moved. Therefore, the demand growing (only after fruits vegetables and meat) from organic farms steadily. His finished soup can be bought in the meantime Bioformat.

Important for our young

The use of chemicals in organic farming is almost prohibited. For the fruit and wine a few copper and sulfur compounds are approved. After all, toxic substances in food can cause allergies and contribute to diseases such as cancer. Especially for babies and young children it is important to take as little as possible with contaminated food.

The only good side

Sometimes the benefits of organic indulgence are also clearly visible. Because due to the lower water content, the reduced organic meat when roasting little. Overall, the plants have in recent years also proved to be particularly robust. Choosing the right varieties, organic fertilizers and a diversified crop rotation make it possible.

Buy, Produce

Who produces organic food is to be much more than the actual product in mind. Because the guiding principle of organic farming is working in harmony with nature. Although permitted by law, the organic farmers without chemical agents to prevent or control weeds and animal pests in agriculture (synthetic chemical pesticides), slightly soluble and therefore fast-acting fertilizers or genetically modified ingredients or manufactured.

Those who buy organic foods, get a product, which caused less environmental damage caused by lower costs in other places (such as expensive drinking water treatment). Organic food products therefore, the production is strictly controlled and the consideration of animal welfare in particular.