The general health care requires us first of all to be moderate in everything we do. That is the key to preventing health disorders in a world which surrounds us.

And it turns out that we are surrounded by dangers. These range from the emotional to the environment, going through the food, the circumstantial and genetic.

It is important to be cautious in taking any decision. Should not be treated appellant with any substance that has potential for harm or which do not have full knowledge, say the chemicals we consume are from the industry. Here we can include deodorants and makeup. Many such products have been recalled after years circulating and being consumed by millions of people for a long time. Recall the case of deodorants containing aluminum. Many chronic diseases have their origin in products like these.

The same power should be handled with care. So it is so successful the council of various foods. Let’s be frugal, especially with regard to frequency and quantity at a time. We must also be in terms of sexual activity, as work overload organs like the prostate and the penis itself can be very harmful.

Eyes are organs that give used carefully, taking basic precautions and very beneficial. The lack of care is common today, in general employees as children, the two most notable lack of eye care in our experience.

What feet? Feet need love, rest. Who works all morning with shoes on, should always be removed even at midday is about 10 minutes, pus it will serve to get even better brain functioning, as it is very irritating to the nervous system at the foot abuse. Let us be cautious even with the intensity of our exercise to keep fit: In our dream, which should not be excessive or insufficient, with our thinking and meditation, which should be frequent but relaxed, far from violence and negative ideas.

The water should be consumed in sufficient quantity so taken and bathing. Excess water in the skin can affect it, and eventually cause dryness. Many people take water very poorly, which eventually damage your kidneys and many other organs, and cause sleep disturbance, night or day thirst, blood poisoning due to accumulation of waste substances and other health problems.

Moderation in our habits, our tastes moderation and moderation in our desires. Breathe sparingly, as this itself can be as fatal as the excess of joy or sorrow.

Let us love God above all things and follow his word.