Quit smoking … and not get fat

Smoking is very strong and all women generally cost much to leave it, but you must understand that smoking is really bad and is critical to be strong to stop this service as damaging and unfeminine.

quit smoking

The first thing you do to help you quit smoking is to gather all the strength of will to fight every day against vice. You will be very difficult no matter the amount of cigarettes you consume per day.

It is very common at the time of quitting we meet the problem of weight gain. This problem arises because when we cease to feel much anxiety smoking withdrawal snuff.

This anxiety usually replaced by something else and this is usually food, and that calms us all the usual nervousness. So you can stop smoking without gaining weight will give you some tips to help you much: you have to drink plenty of water especially before eating, this will fool your stomach making you feel satisfied so you’ll eat less. Apart from very good to drink plenty of water.

Here is the advice for you is to start eating 5 times a day, but in smaller amounts. It is highly recommended drinking lots of fruit and vegetables and avoid fatty and fried foods that are fattening and makes you want to eat in quantity. Avoid alcohol. Try to eat slowly and savor the food, also enjoys the time to eat and try to do as a family.

It is essential to maintain a healthy diet especially when you decided to quit.