Severe weight loss caused by the tapeworm diet

When infestations of tapeworms it comes to weight loss – but a specific tapeworm diet can have consequences.

Tapeworms are parasites that live in the intestines of vertebrates. Your skin is a combination of fused cells, obtained from food and is protected by a special structure against digestion by the host animal. Therefore you need a host to feed and can not survive without it. During the development stages of different hosts are necessary. Few people are opting for the middle tapeworm diet to lose weight.

Typical symptoms of a tapeworm infection

The transfer of eggs by contamination with infected water, fruit or eating uncooked meat. The larvae of the tapeworm reach through the intestinal wall to the bloodstream of the host. They attack the internal organs to put their hooks and form of the so-called Finns Cysts arise. The symptoms occur depending on the nature of the tapeworm after a few days or even after several years. The tapeworm infection itself causes no symptoms, but the resulting cysts causing various symptoms depending on the location. Vomiting and diarrhea are two of the typical symptoms of tapeworm disease. It can also find segments of the worm in the feces of those affected. Headaches, knots in the muscles, anemia, general weakness and fatigue are other possible consequences. Also, blood in stool is not uncommon. A bloated , hair loss , or rheumatic disorders, epilepsy or brain strokes may also indicate an infection. Characteristic of a tapeworm infection is the massive weight loss.

Causes and consequences of the tapeworm diet

As the tapeworm nourished by its special outer skin of the food contained in the intestine, digested the man a much smaller share of food than he originally recorded. The poor general condition also causes a decreased appetite, food intake is difficult. Simultaneously, the weight loss due to the persistent diarrhea is favored. The internal organs are not fully functional, so that the digestive process itself is impaired. The weight loss weakens the body and is a major cause of life-threatening conditions. The general condition is deteriorating, and minimizes the body’s immune system itself. The body has weakened the enemy tapeworm nothing to oppose the forces disappear, and the immune system collapses.

Diet by tapeworm

Obese already use since 1900 this effect to their advantage, even a tapeworm diet was developed. Since healthy people often develop no symptoms but excrete the tapeworm after a certain time without infection, only remains the desired effect of weight loss. Tapeworms are historically the first natural fat blocker is dar. Taking a pill with a living Bandwurmei that develops in the gut full. The risk of infection with debilitating or fatal consequences justify that risk in any circumstances and in no less dangerous to human parasites such as the fish tapeworm are used. Weight reduction should always be diet and a sufficient amount of exercise and not achieved by a parasite.