Sexuality - listlessness and pain

Do women sex despite menopause? Many women report drastic restrictions.
The topic of sex during and after menopause is a classic taboo subject. Here, the majority of women are still sexually attracted to end 70. However, some women complain of obstructive listlessness. Pain during intercourse (dyspareunia MD) are a common problem in older women and can be compared in men with erectile dysfunction. Frequent urinary tract infections can be a problem, affecting also the sexual interest. The coital activity decreases from an average during the menopause. However, there are both reports of women who have fewer sexual needs, as well as contributions from women who did not lose its full excitability and enjoyment during sex, despite menopause. The sexuality is kept in all age and gender groups is a very variable factor.

Changing lives
If the sexuality and the enjoyment of sexual contact decreases, some phenomena are used as an explanation. However clearly a hormonal changes and aging itself are in focus. In addition, however, changes in living conditions play a role. Many older women are single or widowed, the aging process is then living alone, and it is rare for a new love in old age. In addition, increasing the importance of personal affection and loyalty for many women with age. There must come not always to have sexual intercourse, especially if the man has problems with sexual contact. There are no clear findings that the estrogen levels related to sexual activity.

Physical changes
However, estrogens have a significant influence on the development of the vaginal tissue. The decline in estrogen production leads to the mucous membranes in the genital area are thin and dry, shrink the tissue. The vaginal environment changes during the menopause, this may infections and pain quickly. The difference between young and older women is mainly in the humidity of the vagina, while young women are relatively moist in sexual excitability state, the vagina of older women tends to be dry. If sex with older women have less excitation therefore more pain in excitable state, however, there is no comparison to young women.

Fun back in sex
For itching and burning of the genital area, special care creams are a help. Generally promotes sexual activity blood flow to the genital region, and thus the strengthening of the race. But if there is pain during intercourse, it is recommended to use lube. The gels can be a balancing act on the moisture content of the vaginal mucosa.