shoes with heels are harmful to the feet Fashion makes shoes that have been increasingly used over heels, causing pain and even deformities in the foot if used frequently. Here are the problems you can cause the shoes with heels and what to do if you have no choice but to go with them for many hours.

The high-heeled shoes produced great pressure on the back of the heel, which leads to blistering, swelling, bursitis, including pain in the Achilles tendon. The metatarsal bones and phalanges (fingers) suffer too much pressure that can become inflamed and cause pain. Chronic stress of the bones of the foot even fractures can lead to fines.

The shoe upper increases the risk of ankle sprain. The most common is a sprained lateral stepping wrong, which stretches the ligaments of the ankle beyond its normal length. A severe sprain can break the ligaments. A sprained ankle should be immobilized and may need physical therapy to heal properly. The risk of developing osteoarthritis increases with a severe sprain or a fracture of the ankle.

The very narrow heels are particularly dangerous because they cause the person to wobble as if walking on stilts, increasing the likelihood of suffering a sprained ankle.

If you can not use more than shoes with heels, which have a thick wad provide a more stable, avoiding the risk of bending the ankle. The recommendation is that the shoes follow the foot’s natural shape, having no more than two inches high.

If you already have the hassle of tacos, ice, or a massage on your feet will relieve you and what you will and thinking about what shoes you’ll get the next day.