Simple tips to ease a cold

The cold is a disease that makes us feel terribly evil and it is also a fact that is very common and will suffer many times in life. Upon acceptance of this crime, it is imperative that we learn to cope with symptoms of cold and speed healing cold sore.

simple tips to ease a cold

Here are some simple health tips for cold that you must follow to achieve a rapid recovery when the state of viral attacks so that you can ease a cold.

Home remedies for colds


The nasal congestion and chest are the most unpleasant symptoms of all colds. How to alleviate? Simple: drink large amounts of liquid.

Drink plenty of water or natural juice prevents dehydration and helps maintain moist respiratory system. You should take 8 to 10 glasses of water and herbal teas, fruit drinks and even chicken soup. Avoid any drinks with caffeine because it acts as a diuretic and tends to dehydrate the body.

Blow your nose

It is necessary blowing your nose in flu states, but properly. If it becomes very strong run the risk of sending mucus with germs to the ears and cause pain and swelling in this area. So, better press a hole in your nose and the other with soft sounds, clarifying its content. Then repeat the action with the other nostril.


One of the best home remedies against viral congestion and runny mucous is to inhalations. Just place your head over a pan of boiling water and steam. Be very careful because the steam can burn the mucous membranes of the nose. Fumbles and inhale slowly to find your own pace.

Saline nasal spray

The saline nasal spray is very effective for supplying the nose and to avoid congestion. Also remove virus particles and bacteria that might be accommodated in the cavity. An alternative natural remedy for colds for cold is as follows:

In a cup of warm water, adds ¼ teaspoon salt and ¼ of baking soda. Fill a syringe and enter the solution gently into the nasal cavities. First one, then press the other switch. Repeat the procedure 3 times.


You should stay in rest and warm clothes when you have a cold, especially at winter days. Thus economize the body’s energies, so that it can better fight against the disease.

These are some of the best home remedies to combat colds that have been used successfully over the years and science has undoubtedly valid. Remember that simple colds are viruses that the same body combats but we must give a hand in this task.

Do not forget the same time to maintain a healthy diet, reinforced in fruits and vegetables. Your body will thank you.