What is Ayurveda?

ayurveda It is not known exactly where the medicine Ayurveda, its history goes back to the birth of the Hindu religion and is a medical health system and widespread from India to the whole world. Frequently confuse the ayurveda with yoga, but despite that they have great similarities, not the same.

Ayurveda is a medical practice, while yoga encompasses all aspects of the individual and the pursuit of wisdom and emotional balance, which also come with a health benefit.

The remedies of Ayurveda are made with plants and herbs. Another tool that uses the management of external influences basic every day in every person, especially in the diet and the pursuit of harmony and balance.

In the practice of ayurveda, there are several types of massage. Massages are a major player in the ayurveda, and there are several techniques: Massage abbiangham is made with natural oils specially prepared by the doctor. Another technique of massage is the treatment of Sirodhara, which is poured for 30 minutes on the front of a warm mixture of oils and herbs.

The menopausal women – a new stage of life

sexual discomfort, menopause, pain during intercourse, itching

The menopause of women are a crucial change. They mean the end of fertility and are associated with many consequences.
Previously, the menopause was a sign of the approaching end of life. Today, women spend about one-third of her life in and after this phase. From the 40th Age may experience the first symptoms of menopause.

The symptoms
During the menopause will change the entire hormonal balance in women. The female body produces less and less sex hormones, the change in hormone levels can extend over ten years. This is accompanied by a series of adverse changes in the body and the soul. Usually is not the absence of menstruation for women, the unpleasant side effect of hormonal changes. Symptoms such as concentration and sleep disturbances, hot flashes and weight changes, some of the disturbing side effects. These fears are not to be attractive and that the youth is finally over. During menopause, women located in a physical change, which will be addressed once physical and psychological needs. About two thirds of women suffer from mild to severe menopausal symptoms, while only one-third not affected at this stage feels.

Tea Tree Oil: effective agent in natural medicine

tea treeThe tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) is regarded as a universal healing plant that is growing in popularity. As part of naturopathy, it can be used in many ways. Especially in natural medicine, it is versatile. It is also a popular home remedy for skin complaints such as acne or herpes.

The tea tree is the evergreen shrub or tree native to eastern Australia in wetter areas. It is up to seven meters high and is one of the myrtle plant. Like some other Australian plants has the tea tree on a fascinating property. An extensive root system enables it to survive fires, or even a clearing. From the roots grow in a short time new shoots.

Acupuncture for Pregnant Women

acupuncture for pregnant womenThe body of the pregnant women is highly likely to suffer various problems in a much higher than in normal women. Even a woman of reproductive age is beginning to be vulnerable to more diseases than a pubescent teenager.

One problem that strikes women of reproductive age is polycystic ovary syndrome, which generates irregular ovulation and menstruation. Moreover, it makes the ovaries produce higher levels of testosterone which leads to problems in hair growth and acne. Obesity and insulin resistance are also common in these women.

Fortunately one of the treatments most popular alternative medicine, the acupuncture, seems to be a solution to this problem, at least you may have shown investigators of the University of Goteborg, Sweden.