Preventive properties of onion

onionThe onion is part of the diet of billions of people around the world. Are consumed in infinite ways and is a healthy food. Among its health benefits has been demonstrated that the preventive properties of the onion are especially useful to prevent cancer and promote heart health.

All varieties of onions are a rich source of oligosaccharides, these substances have the ability to stimulate the growth of good bacteria that naturally stay in the colon and also are able to suppress the growth of potentially harmful bacteria.

This results in protection against tumor development in the area so we say that the onion is anticarcinogenic. It is a powerful prevention tool especially against colon cancer.

The onion also has among its members a range of sulphide chemicals similar to those found in garlic. Both belong to the same family of plants and are effective in reducing blood lipids and blood pressure. They are also a source of flavonoids, substances known for its protective property against cardiovascular disease.

The latest anti-aging fruit: the açai berry

The açai berry is the miraculous discovery of the Brazilian rain forest and is the latest anti-aging trend.

More and more fruit, berries or other plants find their way out of nature in the anti-aging beauty-conscious Kosmetiktigel and thus in the faces of people. Here the plants and fruits are attributed to keep almost revolutionary capabilities in terms of their effect on aging skin. The Goji berry of the açai berry is thus morning from the Amazon region of Brazil’s rain forest. In Brazil it is already known and used in a mixture with guarana, honey and ice cream and cereal by bodybuilders and surfers as you fit. But the natives know this berry for a long time and they are mixed in their fixed menu, in the form of syrup with fish and cassava.

Anti-Aging Food – stop the aging process

anti-aging, Recipe for longevity Anti-aging Food is not from powders and pills and it need not be expensive.

Beauty and eternal youth are ideals to which people hunt since the beginning of time afterwards. Always benefit from the phenomenon more providers of special foods and dietary supplements. But the effectiveness of these often very expensive products is still not scientifically proven. Anti-aging food is however not from powders and pills, and it need not be expensive.

The human aging process

The aging process of the human organism is caused by free radicals that destroy the cell structures. These radicals trigger oxidation and cause cell damage that is visible as skin aging. Notwithstanding any other therapeutic promise of this process is not reversible. Free radicals are normally as metabolic products, but are reinforced by numerous environmental factors, such as air pollution or smoking. A slowing of these processes is possible because the so-called antioxidants, such as hormones, vitamins and minerals can stop the aging process.