Healthy Foods for Thin and Slim

foods for good healthIn order to eat healthy, it is important to recognize healthy foods.

Nowadays everyone wants to actually eat healthy. The awareness of nutritious and healthy foods in the population has increased significantly. Nevertheless, the selection of foods at the supermarket, consumers can sometimes seem a little perplexed. It is difficult to understand what food is now classified as healthy and which are not.

Allowed is everything – but in moderation

It is important to pay attention to nutritional balance. It would be ideal to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables, daily two to three liters of fluid (preferably mineral water or tea) to eat. Even a day of complex carbohydrates from grain or potatoes, low-fat dairy products, high-quality vegetable oils, fatty fish twice a week (fresh, frozen or canned) and add meat twice a week, preferably from the humane raising, a healthy diet. The consumption of alcohol, pork products, sugar and hidden fats in processed products should be undertaken only in exceptional circumstances and in no way the rule.

Weight loss: basic tips

If you’re willing to get rid of those annoying extra kilos and do not know where to start, we recommend you follow these basic tips to lose weight without much effort.


Forget counting calories, the advice you offer enough to make you feel lighter and get slim in a safe and progressive.

Balanced Breakfast

Forget about leaving home with just a coffee. Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day for the body, so it must be abundant and complete.

Includes fresh fruit, cereals and breads and low fat protein like turkey breast, lean ham, cheese, nonfat yogurt or derived from soybeans.

If You Eat Out…

Do not worry if you eat out, avoid if possible sauces and moderate consumption of bread.

Commitment to working with salads and vegetables for the main course. For the latter, lean meats and fish cooked on the grill or barbecue will be your best choice. For dessert, fruit, yogurt or just a refreshing infusion.

When Comes Home…

The most recommended ways of cooking and must get used are boiled, grilled, grill, griddle, steam and oven. Ideally, the foods are prepared in their own juices, if necessary with a drizzle of olive oil.