Gluteal exercises at home

gluteal-exerciseWould you like to have a much more attractive rear? More round, toned and well above? The universal answer may be yes; because the rear, tail, bum or whatever you call it is one of the female body parts more attractive and observed by humans.

To harden and increase butt is not necessary to go through surgery. Exercise is the best solution! And what better than them in the comfort and privacy of our home, with a mattress on the floor and watching television.

Here are various exercises for buttocks at home. If you want to be divine in the summer and be the center of attention, and it begins to practice them every day. With perseverance and patience have a phenomenal buttocks.

Lunges: This is one of the best exercises for glutes. Stand with legs apart at the height of the hip. Then take a step forward slowly down the body and bending both knees. Note that these flexures must be 90 degrees and the knee of the leg that lies ahead must be to the ankle. Do 15 repetitions in 3 sets and then do the same with the other leg.

Dermatophyte and fungal diseases of the skin

fungal diseasesThe dermatophytes are a special group of fungi that have a growth in the skin, hair and nails in customized and specialized. Their special features with enzymes such as keratinases, elastases and collagenases it able to dissolve the proteins and structures in the human skin to settle and thus cause infection. The infections usually remain localized, so the typical diseases are named after the infected body. An infection by dermatophytes is known medically as “Tinea”. After the body regions such as Tinea pedis (foot), Tinea manuum (hand), tinea capitis (head), tinea corporis (upper body), tinea barbae (beard) and tinea faciei (face) distinction. The best known form is probably the athlete’s foot. A large European study (Achilles Project) to follow around a quarter of German suffering at least temporarily, from athlete’s foot. One in seven has an infection of the nails (tinea unguium or onychomycosis) on.

Healthy Foods for Thin and Slim

foods for good healthIn order to eat healthy, it is important to recognize healthy foods.

Nowadays everyone wants to actually eat healthy. The awareness of nutritious and healthy foods in the population has increased significantly. Nevertheless, the selection of foods at the supermarket, consumers can sometimes seem a little perplexed. It is difficult to understand what food is now classified as healthy and which are not.

Allowed is everything – but in moderation

It is important to pay attention to nutritional balance. It would be ideal to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables, daily two to three liters of fluid (preferably mineral water or tea) to eat. Even a day of complex carbohydrates from grain or potatoes, low-fat dairy products, high-quality vegetable oils, fatty fish twice a week (fresh, frozen or canned) and add meat twice a week, preferably from the humane raising, a healthy diet. The consumption of alcohol, pork products, sugar and hidden fats in processed products should be undertaken only in exceptional circumstances and in no way the rule.

Milk: From raw milk to H-

several types of milkWhere can I get raw milk and what is the difference between fresh milk and fresh longer? Helpful to clarify.
Milk is not the same as milk – milk from farmers has almost nothing in common with UHT UHT milk to be done. The longer fresh milk is not the same as fresh milk.

Raw and certified milk
Raw milk is to be completely untreated and must be boiled before drinking necessarily, since disease-causing germs are not killed by a heat process. The cooking about to go ten to 30 percent of the lost vitamins, the fat content is between 3.5 and 5 percent. Even in the refrigerator to keep the raw milk is only about two days, it can only be ordered directly from the farmer. In about the same is the preferred milk, but it is in regular stores. Also, it is only about two days if stored. Is the milk for pregnant women, small children or infants thought you should boil the milk before consumption file.

How to prevent stretch marks

Most women over a lifetime go through situations that can cause stretch marks, such as pregnancy, dramatic weight changes, among other things. However, it is possible to get rid of them and, because of this, which then will give you some tips to prevent stretch marks.


Stretch marks go through different stages. At first, linear lesions appear as shades of pink-purple, slightly over-high and swollen. Over time, become pearl colored or white, becoming slightly deepen the appearance of wrinkles. The origin and development of stretch marks is related to changes in the skin structures that provide capacity for tension and elasticity.

Be prevented, but for this it is necessary to follow certain behaviors. Good hydration is essential to help maintain the skin elastic structure; it is advisable drink two liters of water a day, minimum.

Carry an adequate and balanced daily diet is also crucial: we must incorporate foods with vitamins C, B, E and minerals like zinc and copper (whole grain cereals, cocoa, liver, kidney, legumes, nuts, etc…) And silicon (chickpeas, pumpkin, yeast, wheat bread, etc.) that stimulate collagen production.