Home tips to relieve cough

The cough can occur for many reasons, some reasons for cough including the conditions of mild respiratory, nervousness, stress or after a day when we have a lot of the forced down throat.

home tips for cough

Sometimes, coughing acts as a mechanism of defense, an attempt to clear the airway by the body, but can also indicate a possible infection. In many cases, the cough becomes an ally to expel the bacteria, mucus and clear the airway. However, in other it is absolutely unbearable. So today we give you some home tips for cough to try to alleviate it.

What to do if baby has a fever?

Almost all parents have been experiencing in the first year of their child, that once this fever. Fortunately, this does not mean immediately that something bad is behind it: babies and small children cheer faster than older children and adults.
Because the regulation of body temperature is a complicated process, its control is still not mature for the little ones. Even strong thirst, a warm blanket or to the heat of a summer day a baby can einheizen powerful.

Not every cough is harmless!

Cough itself is not a cause for anxiety, each one of us had more or less, together with a common cold.
Even a cough in children is no reason to panic, but you should at the onset of fever, or if after a week of no improvement has occurred, consult a doctor!
From a harmless cough may develop after some time with pneumonia.
Even the old home remedy onion juice here shows good results.
Recommended here is also applied on nasal congestion traditional chamomile bath.