List of foods high in iron

list of food high in iron If you have anemia or just low in iron pays attention to this list of foods rich in iron that will be of great use to combat these low levels in iron without resorting to drugs.

Eating two or three times a week red meat is a good supply of iron in the body, be aware that abuse can cause cholesterol red meat. Nuts help combat the lack of iron by the intake of vitamin E that is offered, walnuts and almonds are really good and apart contain minerals and proteins.

Shellfish including prawns, shrimps and prawns are recommended. Also, squid, cockles and mussels. And the sardines and anchovies have a contribution of 4 mg of iron per 100 grams of these foods consumed.

Artichokes are rich in iron, fiber and vitamins so its use is also recommended. And the quince is very accessible and gives you a good amount of iron.

What to eat while breastfeeding

"breast feeding"
During the period of breastfeeding is very important to follow a correct and balanced diet and to ensure appropriate composition of milk ingested by the child, and for the increased energy demands of the mother. However, we must specify that only part of the maternal nutrition affects the health of the infant, as the latter, fortunately, however, has metabolic and hormonal mechanisms able to cope with possible ingestion of harmful components.
The diet is suggested to the mother under these conditions differs slightly from that recommended generally: a Mediterranean diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables to ensure an adequate intake of nutrients. What is to be considered, however, is the increased energy demands of the mother, who must also take into account the energy used to produce milk (about 90 Kcal per 100 g of milk). On a day to get a new mother can also consume 800 kcal to produce milk. These calories need to be replenished adequately.
Simple sugars should be avoided as much as possible as they provide only a surplus of calories without benefits for the production of milk, contrary to the carbohydrate complex (bread, pasta, cereals ..) can be taken regularly. The protein affects only the quantity of milk produced, not the quality and, therefore, should slightly increase their consumption. Very important is to ensure a regular intake of olive oil , as it ensures the presence of fatty acids essential for the lipid component of milk. Even the fish that provide omega-3 is better during lactation.

Losing weight with apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegarThe apple cider vinegar is a widely used dietary supplement for weight loss. To lose weight with apple cider vinegar is necessary to follow a diet specifically designed for each person. The cider vinegar has no effect on fat deposits.

The benefits of apple cider vinegar to lose weight have to do with the benefit conferred on the digestion, especially the digestion of fats, helping to remove the body easily through natural means.

Keep in mind that the apple cider vinegar is not a slimming itself, so it will not help if you take apple cider vinegar and continue to feed you wrong. It is a natural dietary supplement and can be used to lose weight as part of a comprehensive program of weight reduction. To enhance its effects is recommended to combine their use with fresh fruit.

In addition to improving digestion is very good for lower abdominal swelling. Acids containing cleanser to give it a very useful to combat constipation and is also a good diuretic. Another property of apple cider vinegar is helpful for weight loss is causing a sensation of fullness, causing you to eat less and reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

Severe weight loss caused by the tapeworm diet

Severe weight loss caused by the tapeworm diet

When infestations of tapeworms it comes to weight loss – but a specific tapeworm diet can have consequences.

Tapeworms are parasites that live in the intestines of vertebrates. Your skin is a combination of fused cells, obtained from food and is protected by a special structure against digestion by the host animal. Therefore you need a host to feed and can not survive without it. During the development stages of different hosts are necessary. Few people are opting for the middle tapeworm diet to lose weight.

Typical symptoms of a tapeworm infection

The transfer of eggs by contamination with infected water, fruit or eating uncooked meat. The larvae of the tapeworm reach through the intestinal wall to the bloodstream of the host. They attack the internal organs to put their hooks and form of the so-called Finns Cysts arise. The symptoms occur depending on the nature of the tapeworm after a few days or even after several years.

Different tapeworm species – Humans as host of the tapeworm

Different tapeworm species - Humans as host of the tapewormAnyone who has a tapeworm caught does not have to immediately panic. The incidence of some types of tapeworm may have dire consequences.
The tapeworm exists in about 3,500 different species. Tapeworms use human and animal as a final or intermediate host. The intestinal infection caused by a tapeworm causes most cases of mild symptoms such as weight loss, anorexia and diarrhea. But the parasitic flatworm can cysticercosis (cyst formation) and toxoplasmosis cause. During the cyst formation the brain can be affected and it may neurological problems such as confusion or seizures occur. Toxoplasmosis in the adult seems harmless, an unborn child can carry immense damage it.

The latest anti-aging fruit: the açai berry

The açai berry is the miraculous discovery of the Brazilian rain forest and is the latest anti-aging trend.

More and more fruit, berries or other plants find their way out of nature in the anti-aging beauty-conscious Kosmetiktigel and thus in the faces of people. Here the plants and fruits are attributed to keep almost revolutionary capabilities in terms of their effect on aging skin. The Goji berry of the açai berry is thus morning from the Amazon region of Brazil’s rain forest. In Brazil it is already known and used in a mixture with guarana, honey and ice cream and cereal by bodybuilders and surfers as you fit. But the natives know this berry for a long time and they are mixed in their fixed menu, in the form of syrup with fish and cassava.

Vegan diet, Forms and Health aspects

Vegan diet - by not protect animal rightsVegan diet is above all a way of life. In addition to meat, milk and eggs are also forbidden.

By the term vegan means a stricter form of vegetarianism; While vegetarians give only to the consumption of meat and fish, vegan diet goes so far as to reject all other animal products. These include not only food, such as eggs, milk and various dairy products and animal products from other areas of life. Vegans take for example any clothes, leather, fur, wool or silk. Often the veganism is viewed as a logical conclusion from vegetarianism, for the waiver of eating meat is the first finding, which inevitably leads to the fact that you reject all other animal products.

Alternative Nutrition – Yin and Yang harmonize

Whether vegetarian, ayurvedic diet or macrobiotics – alternative to healthy diet aimed unity of body and mind.

Alternative Nutrition - Yin and Yang harmonizeWhat the farmer does not know that he does not eat, says an old proverb. But another set contains a truth: the townspeople would know what he eats, he would immediately become a farmer. Since the ’60s, the nutritional habits in industrialized countries have worsened dramatically: too much, too rich food, too many calories and lack of essential vitamins and fiber.


There is also a general lack of exercise. The consequence of this: About 65 percent of men and 55 percent of women suffer from obesity. Associated an increased risk goes against cardiovascular disease and some cancers, and also a reduction in quality of life of those affected. All this has led many people to healthier, alternative diets think. The current trend is called “organic” and focuses on products from organic farming, instead of chemicals and artificial additives.

Macrobiotic diet – the balance between Yin and Yang

Macrobiotic dietThe macrobiotic diet is based on two contracting powers, which must be included in this diet in balance.

The macrobiotic diet is based on the idea that the universe consists of two contracting forces: the yin and yang. A happy life is possible only with a balance of two forces. Accordingly, also considered for a healthy diet, and both forces are brought into balance. Many diseases of civilization are due to a backlog of damaging yin.

Yin and Yang – the forces of the universe
To offset the food is assigned to the two forces, the criteria for this classification of both the state as may be the form of preparation of food. Yin stands for the Plant, Light and feminine, while Yang the animal, severity and male embodies. As best as perfectly balanced between yin and yang foods, considers the macrobiotic diet theory whole-grain products. Originally, it was therefore the desire macrobiotic diet, the diet gradually to reduce whole-grain products. This is not practiced anymore.