Ayurvedic Nutrition, What is it?

principles of AyurvedaThe Ayurvedic diet based on the fact that all the building blocks of life are to be introduced.

Ayurveda is the Indian “science of life” that goes far beyond the ayurvedsiche food and extends to all areas of life. Ayurveda treats the body holistically and try him here in harmony with himself and his environment bring. Body, mind and soul are regarded as an indivisible unit, with the result that the organism is considered only as healthy if they are both all the body and the soul in harmony and peace. A sick body is therefore out of balance. For this reason, diet and health in the Ayurvedic approach is closely linked: food as medicine is here. Thus diet can bring the body into balance, it must be tailored to man and his soul. This is the very individual nutritional advice tailored to the individual needs and condition of the person concerned.

4 tips to lose weight without starving

When the last thing you want is to stick to a diet and set menus, but the pant tells you that you have to take care a little more, it is recommended you follow these simple tips that will facilitate weight loss and healthy way without starving.


Five meals a day

Be sure to five meals a day and not skip any breakfast, midmorning, lunch, snack and dinner.

Remember that lunch and dinner should be slightly higher than the rest in quantity, and more copious breakfast than usual.

Come all

Come all, no food allowed. Of course, you must remove the chips, sauces and pastries industrial refined.

Choose the simplest ways of cooking: grilled, baked, steamed … Increase consumption of fresh vegetables and legumes. Prioritize healthy protein sources like eggs, fish and lean meats.

Substitute whole milk for skim versions.