Properties of egg

properties of eggsThe properties of the egg are many, and so it is very necessary and beneficial to their consumption, add calories very healthy and each egg contain only 75 calories.

The properties of eggs from hens depend on food and life that is in it. The best are organic eggs since they are significantly healthier. Each component has different egg.

In the yolk is where you can find most of the components. Here you can find minerals, proteins, lipids and vitamins from the egg. The egg yolk with a deeper color should be the type of food they have received; this is usually pigmented with corn, vegetables and other foods of the hen. It is not true that eggs have a more intense color have had a natural breeding, as has been believed for many years.

The clear however is a protein-saline solution. This is a very viscous and transparent. The nutritional value it has is much smaller than the yolk.