Gluteal exercises at home

gluteal-exerciseWould you like to have a much more attractive rear? More round, toned and well above? The universal answer may be yes; because the rear, tail, bum or whatever you call it is one of the female body parts more attractive and observed by humans.

To harden and increase butt is not necessary to go through surgery. Exercise is the best solution! And what better than them in the comfort and privacy of our home, with a mattress on the floor and watching television.

Here are various exercises for buttocks at home. If you want to be divine in the summer and be the center of attention, and it begins to practice them every day. With perseverance and patience have a phenomenal buttocks.

Lunges: This is one of the best exercises for glutes. Stand with legs apart at the height of the hip. Then take a step forward slowly down the body and bending both knees. Note that these flexures must be 90 degrees and the knee of the leg that lies ahead must be to the ankle. Do 15 repetitions in 3 sets and then do the same with the other leg.