List of foods high in iron

list of food high in iron If you have anemia or just low in iron pays attention to this list of foods rich in iron that will be of great use to combat these low levels in iron without resorting to drugs.

Eating two or three times a week red meat is a good supply of iron in the body, be aware that abuse can cause cholesterol red meat. Nuts help combat the lack of iron by the intake of vitamin E that is offered, walnuts and almonds are really good and apart contain minerals and proteins.

Shellfish including prawns, shrimps and prawns are recommended. Also, squid, cockles and mussels. And the sardines and anchovies have a contribution of 4 mg of iron per 100 grams of these foods consumed.

Artichokes are rich in iron, fiber and vitamins so its use is also recommended. And the quince is very accessible and gives you a good amount of iron.

Nutritional advice during Pregnancy

"foods during pregnancy"
Pregnancy is the period between egg fertilization until birth, which lasts about 9 months. From that moment begins a new life, and changes in the mother’s body are very important.

Both ovulation and menstruation are inhibited. The uterus, to accommodate the fetus, also progressively increases in size, being 50 gr., Normal state, can weigh a kilo in the last months of pregnancy.

The breasts increase in size, appear vomiting, and nausea, increased urination as well as the desire for sleep.

Given these and other changes experienced by women during pregnancy, should be answered through an adequate nutrient intake. This does not mean eating for two, and in an exaggerated manner, but must be nurtured to ensure both the nutrition of the baby as his own.

The fundamental change is the formation of new tissues of both women, placenta and fetus. Moreover, given the weight gain is experienced, it should also increase caloric intake, to maintain all vital functions.

This requires a diet or a balanced diet, varied and correct. The role of food will ensure both the health of the baby and mother. Therefore, feeding during these 9 months should not be subject to fads or topics almost always misunderstandings that can lead to considerable danger for both.

Tips to consider:

1. It is always best to choose fresh foods, avoid canned, cooked, frozen or ready to eat.
2. With regard to ways of cooking, the best are grilled, steamed, boiled or baked.
3. Do not take fried, chipped, sautéed and breaded daily, consuming only very occasionally.
4. Avoid high fat meats, sausages and meats.

Properties of egg

properties of eggsThe properties of the egg are many, and so it is very necessary and beneficial to their consumption, add calories very healthy and each egg contain only 75 calories.

The properties of eggs from hens depend on food and life that is in it. The best are organic eggs since they are significantly healthier. Each component has different egg.

In the yolk is where you can find most of the components. Here you can find minerals, proteins, lipids and vitamins from the egg. The egg yolk with a deeper color should be the type of food they have received; this is usually pigmented with corn, vegetables and other foods of the hen. It is not true that eggs have a more intense color have had a natural breeding, as has been believed for many years.

The clear however is a protein-saline solution. This is a very viscous and transparent. The nutritional value it has is much smaller than the yolk.

Our Health Care

The general health care requires us first of all to be moderate in everything we do. That is the key to preventing health disorders in a world which surrounds us.

And it turns out that we are surrounded by dangers. These range from the emotional to the environment, going through the food, the circumstantial and genetic.

It is important to be cautious in taking any decision. Should not be treated appellant with any substance that has potential for harm or which do not have full knowledge, say the chemicals we consume are from the industry. Here we can include deodorants and makeup. Many such products have been recalled after years circulating and being consumed by millions of people for a long time. Recall the case of deodorants containing aluminum. Many chronic diseases have their origin in products like these.

Tapeworms in food, more common than you think!

Tapeworms in foodTapeworms in foods are more common than one would assume. Pay attention to the first signs of pathogens!

The tapeworm is one of the parasitic flatworms and causes intestinal infections. Several species of tapeworm, as the pigs, cattle and fish tapeworm using the human intestine as intermediate or final host. A tapeworm can grow up to twelve meters long and cause mild symptoms such as loss of appetite, diarrhea or discomfort in the upper abdomen.

In a cyst formation (cysticercosis) occur and thus more severe neurological symptoms. inflammation of the meninges, and seizures may be the result. The fish tapeworm can also result in a anemia result.

Organic food – eating healthier and help the environment

Organic food - eating healthier and help the environmentThe organic trend is not to overlook everything in the supermarket. More and more people are eating healthier now and have access to organic foods.

Organic foods have the advantage over conventionally grown products from many advantages. Their production is not only acceptable for the environment but also healthier by their lower content of pollutants and pesticides for humans. Apart from health criteria are above all socio-political aspects that more and more people use food grown organically.

The benefit of a good conscience in the minds of many people has moved. Therefore, the demand growing (only after fruits vegetables and meat) from organic farms steadily. His finished soup can be bought in the meantime Bioformat.