Argan oil – the liquid gold with anti-aging effect

Argan oil - the liquid gold with anti-aging effectThe precious Argan oil comes from Morocco and has unsaturated fatty acids, which cause the formation of new cells and the anti-aging effect.

Argan oil is one of the finest oils in the world. The so-called “liquid gold” is now produced only in southwestern Morocco. Only in this area grows, the argan tree (Latin Argania spinosa), a species that is more than 25 million years old and can reach a size of up to 15 meters. This plant, which is called by locals “tree of life” is threatened with extinction and is therefore under the protection of UNESCO. The fruit of this tree are nuts, the high concentration and composition of particularly valuable and important ingredient is unique. The Berbers appreciate and take advantage of this natural product for centuries.

The latest anti-aging fruit: the açai berry

The açai berry is the miraculous discovery of the Brazilian rain forest and is the latest anti-aging trend.

More and more fruit, berries or other plants find their way out of nature in the anti-aging beauty-conscious Kosmetiktigel and thus in the faces of people. Here the plants and fruits are attributed to keep almost revolutionary capabilities in terms of their effect on aging skin. The Goji berry of the açai berry is thus morning from the Amazon region of Brazil’s rain forest. In Brazil it is already known and used in a mixture with guarana, honey and ice cream and cereal by bodybuilders and surfers as you fit. But the natives know this berry for a long time and they are mixed in their fixed menu, in the form of syrup with fish and cassava.

Natural Helpers – active ingredients of medicinal plants

herbs as natural medicineAlthough known for a long time, not all but some of the fine ingredients in medicinal plants are well known substances.

An herb is a plant that is used due to their content of certain substances for therapeutic purposes or alleviation of disease symptoms. Such plants find a use for thousands of years by the people who needed to operate this way in the “natural medicines” only. The term “herb” is completely independent of the botanical classification, growth habit or other uses. It means rather, each plant with a known therapeutic use of “healing plant”. We also say that each plant is a medicinal plant, one must know for what.

The healing powers of nature, medicinal plants

herbs as natural medicineEven in the earliest cultures, people were aware of many medicinal plants and their mode of action. If you want these days has some health problem, one needs only to go to the pharmacy and shall provide the appropriate preparation, the remedy. What today is so easy, was not possible in earlier times and today should not always be necessary. People had to fall back, what they found in the nature of herbs and other plants. There was a broad knowledge about many medicinal plants, their specific applications and formulations, where traditionally from generation to generation were. Even today, the knowledge exists about the nature of the medicine cabinet and you can still many often small sufferings, alleviate or combat with the right plant.