The relationship between diet and height

A balanced diet not only provides good health to our body, but helps develop properly to achieve their best. Studies conducted by several universities of the world confirm the close relationship between diet and height.

diet and height

At present the country with the highest average height of the world is Germany, and while to determine the final height of an individual should take the bone and muscle stimulation that has received it (not have the same height a person who has practiced sports stretching as basketball or volleyball that has practiced football or hockey) has found that in the same country, areas where the diet is poor, the average height is also same.

What is good for lowering cholesterol?

diets for lowering cholesterol The cholesterol is a lipid that is present in our body and meets some essential functions for life. But when for various reasons, increases the level of cholesterol in the blood, it becomes a disorder that can become very serious.

We all know what is good for lowering cholesterol: avoid foods high in fat and fried foods, coffee, alcohol and smoking. In short, lead a healthy life especially with a healthy and balanced diet.

Here are some homemade recipes to lower cholesterol in a totally natural:

  • One of the best ways to combat high cholesterol is swallowing a whole clove of garlic in the morning and fasting.
  • Apples also help to reduce cholesterol. For this you should eat apples every day.
  • Another recipe that you can prepare to reduce cholesterol is with orange juice from two oranges and a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Take on an empty stomach.

How to improve muscular endurance

kinesiology The muscle strength is one that allows you to perform well during the practice of any activity, from making a sport to maintain good posture, muscle fiber quality determines the convenience and efficiency of your movements, whether static or dynamic, thus improving muscle strength will help you to maintain good health.

The muscle strength is one of the five components of good health, accompanying muscle strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and body composition.

If you have the ability to perform long an activity of the most convenient way possible (without pain or maximum stress), then you have a good muscular endurance, but if the body is not strong enough to hold an activity without discomfort it is time to follow these tips on how to improve muscular endurance.

List of foods high in iron

list of food high in iron If you have anemia or just low in iron pays attention to this list of foods rich in iron that will be of great use to combat these low levels in iron without resorting to drugs.

Eating two or three times a week red meat is a good supply of iron in the body, be aware that abuse can cause cholesterol red meat. Nuts help combat the lack of iron by the intake of vitamin E that is offered, walnuts and almonds are really good and apart contain minerals and proteins.

Shellfish including prawns, shrimps and prawns are recommended. Also, squid, cockles and mussels. And the sardines and anchovies have a contribution of 4 mg of iron per 100 grams of these foods consumed.

Artichokes are rich in iron, fiber and vitamins so its use is also recommended. And the quince is very accessible and gives you a good amount of iron.

premenstrual syndrome

Ending with premenstrual syndrome

There are times when PMS interferes with daily activities, not knowing the best way to control it. It is the advice for you to have a healthy lifestyle to end those annoying symptoms.

premenstrual syndrome

Here are some tips for you to consider. In the days before your period it is the advice for you to consume healthy foods that do not harm your body, prevents excess meat, salt, sugar, cheese, nuts, alcohol, caffeine and spicy foods. Try to eat in these days before a soft food such as salads and vegetables.

Tips to start 2011 with good health

The year-end holidays often leave a long trail of overweight, sleep disturbances, fatigue and some discomfort following a period of many commitments, late nights, excessive diet, physical inactivity and high alcohol consumption and smoking.

tips for good health

The result of so much abuse a body is exhausted, it is hard to restart and adapt to new rhythm imposed by the daily routine.

To make it easier for the road and you can start 2011 as new inside and out we’ve got some tips from the experts, which will surely be helpful. Take note.

1. The best person

To start the New Year in harmony with oneself and others:

– Get rid of negative attitudes and apathy, nostalgia, sadness and suspicion. Better arm yourself with positive thoughts, vitality and a winning mentality.

– Do not think in the past. See more New Year as an opportunity to be happy.

– Take stock of the past year. If you find that has lived in a way that has brought him trouble, make a radical change.

– Set goals for the new year and plan how you will achieve. The main thing to achieve is to trust your abilities. It will also be useful to draw a map of prosperity: a cardboard shape in the drawings or photos of what you want: that car you want to buy or work that yearns.

What is artichoke?

It’s great to know what it is for the artichoke, and it is a food you would have to include in your diet for the sake of your health. The artichoke is a plant of eastern Africa, but is now being grown worldwide.

what is artichoke

It’s called the liver protective plant, and helps stimulate bile secretion in the elimination of fecal matter because due to bile stimulate your bowel movements. It has a cleansing activity which makes it very good in the diets for weight reduction. Greatly helps in the elimination of fluids and diuretics to be thin.

Quit smoking … and not get fat

Smoking is very strong and all women generally cost much to leave it, but you must understand that smoking is really bad and is critical to be strong to stop this service as damaging and unfeminine.

quit smoking

The first thing you do to help you quit smoking is to gather all the strength of will to fight every day against vice. You will be very difficult no matter the amount of cigarettes you consume per day.

It is very common at the time of quitting we meet the problem of weight gain. This problem arises because when we cease to feel much anxiety smoking withdrawal snuff.

Cold allergy: crazy skin, Some tips to fight it

 Cold allergy When people feel cold easily and need lots of heat in order to feel good, we call them or write them at all Frier cats jokingly to a cold allergy. Hardly known, however, that there is actually an allergy to cold stimuli. The so-called cold allergy – the medical term for this is cold urticaria – is not a true allergic reaction with an antigen-antibody reaction, but is on physical allergies provoked or to the pseudo allergies counted.

In cold urticaria resolves the contact with cold objects or cold water or wind, the release of histamine , and at the place where the cold acting on the skin. Within minutes, it leads to redness, swelling and intense itching – a feeling that they had taken in nettles, hence the name “hives” (urticaria =) originates. At the beginning of the itchy skin reaction are redness and swelling of the skin is still relatively small and limited, but can spread significantly.